24 Days of Xmas: Kim

Introducing day 14 of our 24 Days of Xmas Series: Kim

1, Introduce yourself, tell us about you, what you do, why did you start blogging?
Hello, I’m Kim 31 years old, first time Mummy to our little boy Freddie. I work full time in a property Management Company in Birmingham. I originally start blogging to promote my handmade crafts company but ended up expanding into lifestyle blogging then a parenting blog and I have now been doing it since July 2015 so just over 3 years.
2. How do you spend Xmas day?
When I was younger it was split each year between my parents, my aunties and Grandparents house and it was lovely as the whole family was together. As we’ve all got older and settled down and had kid’s things have changed again but I still like to go to my parents for Christmas Day as there is nothing better than your own mums roast dinner and I will do this until they are no longer able to.
3. Best money saving tip for Xmas?
Spread the cost throughout the year, don’t leave It to last minute. If I see something I like for someone I will buy it them and hide it in our spare room.
4. What present would you love to receive if money was no object?
A new car, before we had our little boy I had a Vauxhall Corsa and I loved it, but I now drive a S Max, its’ huge and I’m not very keen on it and would love a brand new car of my choice.
5. Breakfast on Xmas morning usually consists of?
We don’t normally have anything special on Christmas morning, but I think last year I did Scrambled egg, bacon with smoked salmon on toast which was yummy.
6. Do you do anything special on Xmas Eve to celebrate?
When I was at home nothing, but since being with my husband we go to visit his nan and get a takeaway in with of course a few alcoholic beverages.
7. Favourite Xmas song and why?
The Fairy-tale of New York by the Pogues, guaranteed every time I hear it I will sing along at the top of my voice whether I’m at home, in the car or at a party.
8. Favourite festive film?
I love a couple, Home Alone, Bad Santa and Love Actually.
9. Who do you spend Xmas with?
Christmas now is split between my parents and the in laws usually. So I/we will go to my parents then go to the in laws or vice versa.
10. What does Christmas mean to you? Do you think we have lost the original meaning of Christmas?
Christmas means to me spending quality time with family and treasuring what you have rather than expecting to receive gifts as some people don’t have anyone to share this with.

Read more about Kim at  Life of An Auntie

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