24 Days of Xmas: Guest Pam

Introducing our 12th guest poster: Pam

Me, Myself and I.
My name’s Pam and I a mum to two crazy toddlers. I am married to a very funny and handsome man and I work full time in the rail industry. I started blogging as a way of getting back into writing and as a way of sharing some humour with fellow parents.

My Christmas.
We spend Christmas day as a family. Surrounded by presents, Quality Street and Prosecco.

Best money saving tip.
My best money saving tip for Christmas is NOT to start shopping until at least the first week of December. Shops are sneaky and put on a whole host of toy sales and other promotions as early as September and parents start to buy. But they continue to buy for the next four months. They forget exactly what they have, and end up spending way too much because they get caught up in a frenzy and think they are getting a bargain. Wait until December, set a really tight budget and stick to it. The kids get plenty from everyone else they don’t need an entire mountain of presents from Santa.

Dream present.
If money was no object then the present I would most like to receive would be to be booked onto a writers retreat. I love the idea of being immersed in my writing for a whole weekend.

Christmas Present.
Our breakfast on Christmas morning is a bit of a help yourself affair. We have family popping in all morning, two hyper toddlers and with a huge lunch ahead of us we tend to just nibble.

Christmas Eve.
Christmas Eve is just beginning to get exciting for us with last year being the first year my eldest really had a clue what was going on. So we watch a movie, get into new pjs and leave out the snacks for the big man in red. Then the kids are bedded early and we make some mulled cider and get everything sorted for the next day.

Christmas song.
My favourite Christmas song is unashamedly Mariah Careys All I want for Christmas. You can’t help but feel excited when it comes on.

Festive film
It wouldn’t be the festive season without watching Love Actually. The first year me and my husband were together this film came out and we watched it at the cinema. It’s a bit of a tradition for us now.

How we do Christmas.
We spend Christmas with our families. We take turn about at having my father in law or my parents for Christmas dinner. This year is a proper treat as my mum is hosting so I won’t have to make a dinner!

What Christmas means to me.
Christmas is massively important to me. My biological dad walked out on my mum when I was four years old …on Christmas day. This meant that my mum always tried extra hard to make the festive season as amazing as possible for us after that. It’s all about the excitement. The magic is in the little things not the big gifts. The world is getting more and more technological and the kids are getting smarter and so much is expected of them. I like that for a short time in their lives it can all be about magic and wonder. Getting something personal or that means the world to someone is my aim every year.

The meaning of Christmas
I do think the meaning of Christmas has been lost for a while now. We are not a religious family so it has never been about that for us. But we celebrate it as a holiday all about the kids and Santa. It means something different to everyone. There seems to be a growing trend to share everything on social media nowadays so there is more pressure to make yourself look good. And to some people that means money. I think that whatever you do is obviously up to you. But don’t do it for anyone else.




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