24 Days of Xmas : Guest Kerry

Introducing our 11th Day of Xmas guest poster Kerry….

I’m Kerry, a content writer and blogger from England, although I’m currently based in Australia. I’ve always loved writing, so a few years ago I began writing blog posts, social media posts and articles for various businesses. This year I decided that the only way to write about what I really want to write about was to start my own blog. This is where you’ll find tales of my adventures, as well as helpful travel guides.
Back in England, Christmas was spent at home with my parents, granddad and siblings, and we’d all enjoy a large traditional English Christmas dinner, followed by several hours of board games. However, for the last two years I have been in Australia, so Christmas has been spent with my partner and friends. It still involves a delicious yet huge dinner, as well as drinking and sometimes a visit to the beach. This year will be similar – my partner and I will spend Christmas morning at home, eating breakfast and opening presents. We’ll then head over to a friend’s house for a seafood barbeque (in true Australian style) and some drinks in the pool.
I like to start thinking about saving money for Christmas a couple of months in advance. It really comes down to deciding what you’d rather have: some new clothes or new phone, or some extra money to get your loved ones the Christmas presents they deserve, and some extra spending money in the festive season. If you also begin Christmas shopping early, then it spreads the spending out over a few months, rather than using up a whole paycheque.
My dream Christmas present would be flight tickets home to visit my family. I haven’t seen them for two years, and due to financial constraints it will have been almost three years by the time I go home.
Breakfast on Christmas morning usually consists of something like a croissant or pain au chocolate – something that’s a special treat yet easy to prepare, and doesn’t make me too full for the main event: Christmas lunch. I also enjoy a breakfast mimosa on Christmas morning.
I generally don’t do anything special on Christmas Eve – sometimes my partner and I go out with friends, but nothing really beats watching a Christmas movie and eating mince pies. Since Christmas dinner in Australia doesn’t always include our English Christmas day favourites, I sometimes cook an English-style Christmas dinner the night before, complete with pigs in blankets and Yorkshire puddings.
My favourite Christmas song is without a doubt Fairytale of New York – that song warms my heart and fills the room with Christmas spirit. It makes me sad that no one in Australia really knows that song.
It’s tough to choose just one favourite Christmas film – no festive season seems complete without at least one viewing of Love Actually, but I think Elf has to be my favourite – it’s so heart-warming.
Since moving to Australia, I spend Christmas day with my partner and any of our friends who aren’t spending the day with their family for various reasons.
Whilst I do believe that the original meaning of Christmas has been lost to some extent (it’s celebrated by many people who aren’t even religious), for me it’s a time for family and friends, happiness, giving and good times.


Kerry Williams
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