24 Days of Xmas: Karen

Introducing Karen, our Mummy blogger, read her Christmas answers:
My name is Karen and I’m a stay at home mom of four and a lifestyle blogger. I only recently began blogging, it’s something that I always wanted to do but never got round to, or was too lazy to get started. But I gave myself the kick I needed last month and began my journey. I love writing and I wanted to share my thoughts and ideas with the world. What I wasn’t expecting was that I would meet so many other great bloggers and join an amazing community. I can’t believe I didn’t do it sooner.

I always spend Christmas Day with my amazing family. We visit my partners parents first thing, after opening everything that Santa has left us of course and we spend time with them until lunch. Then we head over to my parents who always put on an amazing four course meal and of course, plenty of tipple.
The kids all sit down when we arrive and rip open their gifts and then us adults hand out ours.
On the evening we usually have a karaoke or my dad will get out the guitar and we just have a really good time. I think this is what Christmas is all about, being with the ones you love. The presents and the food and music, it’s all wonderful but you just couldn’t enjoy on your own.

The best money saving tip I’ve learnt only last year at Christmas is to buy hampers as gifts. I spent £50 on one last year for my mom and the amount of things in there was incredible. There are places that will put one together for you at a cost you choose and all you need to do is deliver it to your special someone. It looks amazing and you can tailor it to the recipient.

If money was no object I think my ideal gift would be a pair of Gucci loafers. I’ve always wanted some but I think the other half would go crazy if I spent over £400 on a pair of shoes.

Breakfast on Christmas morning consists of sweets and chocolate. It’s the one day of the year that I allow the kids this luxury. After presents have been opened I let them run wild with the treats, as long as they eat their dinner of course!

Christmas Eve is usually spent snuggled up on the sofa with a glass of wine for me and hot chocolate for the kids, watching the Christmas carols on TV. We always get a Chinese takeaway and pig out.

My favourite Christmas song is, well I have so many but if I had to chose I would probably say Feliz Navidad. It always gets me tapping my toes and feeling really festive. Plus it reminds me of my sister so always makes me feel happy inside. (Don’t ever tell her I said that though)

My favourite festive film is the nightmare before Christmas. I love how quirky and gothic it is and I always make sure we watch it every year.

I spend Christmas exclusively with my family. On the day itself at least. That day for me is what it’s all about and I couldn’t or wouldn’t want to imagine spending it anywhere else.

Christmas to me, first of all means celebrating the birth of Jesus, being a Christian this is a special time for me and my family. But it also is about coming together and being grateful for those around us.
I do think the true meaning of Christmas has been overshadowed by all the material things, these aren’t a bad thing by far, it’s wonderful that we have the luxury of such things but for me a silent prayer on Christmas Day is always at the top of my priority list.


My website link is www.themommylady85.wordpress.com

Thanks for having a read of this.


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