24 Days of Xmas : Laura

Hello everyone and Happy Christmas

First of all I wanted to say a massive thank you to Gemma for featuring myself and so many others on her blog over December. So I’m Laura from Palette of Thoughts  and I absolutely love Christmas so jumped at the chance to write all about it!
So, here’s a little about me before we get into the real Christmassy stuff! I’m still pretty new to blogging and I’m absolutely loving the journey so far. For me I just wanted a new hobby and I’ve always loved writing so it seemed like the perfect fit. I love the engagement side of it and connecting with so many lovely people on my blog and through social media. My job is totally different, I’m a Landscape Architect (considering doing a post on this at some point!) Right enough about me…on to the good stuff.

How do you spend Christmas day?
For years we always had a lovely cosy Christmas with just my immediate family of my mum, dad and brother. It was perfect and just the way we all wanted it. The last few years have been a bit different, I’ve been with Rich for 5 years now and couldn’t imagine spending my Christmas day without him. So these days we tend to alternate between spending it just us, with mine or with his family.
We don’t ever do anything out of ordinary, huge Christmas dinner, end up eating chocolate for breakfast, terrible cracker jokes, board games, falling asleep in front of a movie…it’s all perfect.

Best money saving tip for Christmas?
I would honestly say to get organised and start buying those presents early! I know some people couldn’t stand the thought of buying someone a Christmas present in September but it’s great. Leaving yourself plenty of time means you’re able to shop around for the best price and order online with no worry of it not arriving in time! You also can spread the cost of little bits over a longer time making it not feel like such a blow to your wallet in December.

What present would you love to receive if money was no object?
OK so if money was no object!? Something major like a house! Which is the next big thing I’m trying to save for. Although I would want to pick it myself so maybe that’s not the best answer… I wouldn’t say no to a holiday in the Maldives!

Breakfast on Christmas morning usually consists of…
Well I’ve usually already had a fair bit of chocolate by 9am but there’s always room for breakfast! I don’t know why but we always have lovely pastries, croissants and pain au chocolats…It’s become a little tradition that I love.

Do you do anything special on Christmas Eve to celebrate?
I love doing anything to help get me in the Christmas spirit (ok I’m already in the Christmas spirit…but get me super super excited!). It’s so nice to do some Christmas baking; mince pies, yule log, chocolate truffles, things that everyone will enjoy. I always love to cosy up in the evening to watch a great Christmassy movie with family and just taking that time to be with the people I love.

Favourite Christmas song and why?
This is a tricky one but I think it’s got to be Mariah Carey – All I want for Christmas Is you. It’s just such a classic and everyone knows all the words to belt it out at the top of your lungs! Or Michael Bublé’s cover of Christmas (Baby Please Come Home). See I told you it was a tricky one!

Favourite festive film?
There’s so many! The ones I just have to watch every year are definitely Love Actually, The Holiday and the Nightmare Before Christmas. Sorry but I couldn’t just pick one!

Who do you spend Christmas with?
Without fail it’s always Rich and my immediate family, as I said earlier even if I can’t end up spending Christmas Day with them I’ll drive down the day after or as soon as I can. I don’t live that close to my family so going over there at Christmas time to the family home is a must for me. I can’t wait until I have my own home and I can invite everybody around, that’s the dream!

What does Christmas mean to you? Do you think we have lost the original meaning of Christmas?
I’ve honestly always adored Christmas time, I love the whole celebration and going to markets and watching festive movies. For my friends and family it’s not about getting each other crazy expensive gifts – yes we do get gifts for each other but it’s never a competition or pressure to spend money or go crazy. I personally love buying presents for people and doing what I can to make people happy, I love those personal touches and even homemade bits so they know you’ve really put thought and effort into it. I do think commercially Christmas is just all about getting people to spend as much money as possible, and spend money some people may not have which I think is awful. I imagine it can be quite difficult with young children though, feeling the pressure to buy lots of things.
For me it’s just a wonderful time of year where I can fully relax from work and hang out with friends and family, I absolutely love it and probably always will.
Thanks again to Gemma for sharing this and thanks everyone for reading!

Talk soon x



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