24 Days of Xmas: Anna

Introducing Anna from Strathly – Our 6th Guest Poster for the Xmas Series:

1. Introduce yourself, tell us about you, what you do, why did you start blogging?
My name is Anna, I am a 3rd year Dental student and this takes me a quite amount of time. I’ve started my blog a while ago but I wasn’t really serious about it until this summer. I blog about health, food, beauty and lifestyle and I have to say that I enjoy it quite a lot. I started blogging because I wanted to share my recipes and my thoughts with everyone and help them in every way that I could.

2. How do you spend Xmas day?
I wake up super early in the morning to check all the presents under the tree but not before I wake up my mom too. I like to still feel a child and share the joy of opening Christmas gifts with her. Then, we usually go to lunch to my grandparents and then spend the day with my boyfriends family. Nothing fancy, just chilling and enjoying the day.

3. Best money saving tip for Xmas?
Think ahead of your gifts. All the things get more expensive around holidays so I like to plan my gifts about a month before and even buy them if I am 100% sure.

4. What present would you love to receive if money was no object?
I would love to receive some money as a gift so my mom could afford her eye surgery sooner.

5. Breakfast on Xmas morning usually consists of?
Usually something quick like a sandwich or some oatmeal. We have a pretty big Christmas lunch in my family so I like to save space in my stomach for it hahah!

6. Do you do anything special on Xmas Eve to celebrate?
Honestly no…I usually help my mom with the cooking then I tidy up the house a bit and we usually end up on the couch watching a movie.

7. Favourite Xmas song and why?
I think my favorite Christmas song is “Let it snow” by Dean Martin because the lyrics are so sweet and I always wish that it snows on Christmas day.

8. Favourite festive film?
All the “Home Alone” series. I watch it every year before Christmas with no exception haha!

9. Who do you spend Xmas with?
Mine and my boyfriend family.

10. What does Christmas mean to you? Do you think we have lost the original meaning of Christmas?
Christmas for me is a Holiday that must be celebrated with family. The spirit from when I was little has definitely been lost and I am supper sad about it. I miss the true joy of waking up in the morning and thinking that Santa left all the presents under the tree. Truth be told, I still believe that Santa is out there, he just keep visiting the little ones now

Read more on Health and beauty lifestyle with Anna on social media here:

My blog: www.stralthy.com
Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/stralthy
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/stralthy


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