Netflix: Easy films to watch

Nothing better in the cold winter days than getting snuggled up on the couch and watching an easy watch film. By easy watch I mean the type of films you don’t have to think about, they aren’t high energy action shots just nice films you can chill out and watch without much thought, happy feel good films.

Forever my Girl

A man guilts his potential new wife at the alter, then fast forward 8 years and he is a huge Rockstar. The story gets into the action pretty quick which I like. A funeral brings him back to his hometown and he realises he has a daughter that is around 7 years old so he starts getting involved in her life and winning over the mum, a choking accident makes him run away again but he returns and falls back in love with his forever love and they finally get married. It is a beautiful love story and the main characters are all so likeable.

My Perfect Romance

A nice little romantic film about a CEO working for the family business losing money, he needs to find a new technology product or app that will help solve the firms money problems. An employee comes up with a dating algorithm app that solves all their problems and it is no surprise the employee and CEO are deemed perfect for each other. It is kind of a predictable film and it is shot in a weird way with similar camera angles however as a feel good film for people who like a happy ending it was a nice film.

You can’t fight Christmas

A lady who decorates a rundown hotel every Christmas is disappointed when she realises the owners grandson is taking over. The grandsons business partner has all kinds of crazy ideas and demands, even wanting to marry the grandson, however love and happiness win in the end and the decorator gets a deal with the hotel and the grandson gets investment in the hotel that welcomes all the familiar guests every Christmas. There is a little bit of a storyline in that the grandsons female friend wants to pitch a luxury hotel for business people and not the run down family friendly establishment that it is now, but the decorator wins the investors over, teaches the grandson to have some fun and enjoy himself and then at the end they enjoy themselves and fall in love.

The Holiday Calendar

A girl gets a calendar given to her from her grandfather that was her grandmothers and every day of advent she gets a little statue in it. I watched this with my girls 8 and 6 and they enjoyed the film too. It was nice to see what she got each money and that had a link to how her day planned out. She had a friend that was a boy that she had never really noticed before that at the end of the film they seem to figure out they were made for each other, however not before she has tried dating a doctor guy who seems to have lots of fun with her but doesn’t seem to communicate with her or get to know her.


Rebel Wilson is the main actress getting married and her three best friends are coming along to the wedding, they hire a male stripper and he upsets the bride so the 3 bridesmaids get high and drunk and then ruin the wedding dress and end up at a strip club on the stag party. The dress gets all sorted, all the girls end up getting with the guys from the male stag party and the wedding goes ahead. It is a nice feel good film to watch, it has a loose story of the girls dealing with all their issues from high school to now.


I think maybe by now you have figured I like a nice romantic comedy with a happy ending.




6 thoughts on “Netflix: Easy films to watch

  1. I flip between needing to watch something like a horror, and wanting something really easy to watch. The type of movies that give Netflix its ‘chill’ reputation! For me, it’s usually something with animals in or animation :’)


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