24 Days of Xmas: Michelle

Introducing Michelle from We at the Sea. She will be telling us about travelling at Xmas time:

1, Introduce yourself, tell us about you, what you do, why did you start blogging?
Hi! I’m Michelle and am a current travel writer. I started our blog because I wanted to first help all my friends and family that come to me with travel questions. I figured having everything together in one place would be helpful! Of course, I was also ghost writing for other bloggers as a paid job as well, so it seemed to be a natural fit. And, then, of course, I fell in love with blogging!

2. How do you spend Xmas day?
As we are a couple without children, we tend to spend our holidays traveling as our gift to one another. Matt still works a full time job, so he only has so many days available to take off. And I hear, that here in the US, we get few compared to most other countries in the world.

Christmas Day is typically spend incorporating traditions from where ever we happen to be! Whether it’s a big holiday lunch or dinner, a Christmas show, etc, we try to make that part of our day. I always love to end the day with egg nog and a little brandy, of course!
3. Best money saving tip for Xmas?
Start saving early and save all year. If you can put a little bit away each week, I find that is isn’t as noticed and you get used to having less disposable income.
4. What present would you love to receive if money was no object?
A fare on an around the world cruise! It’s on my bucket list and I would love to do it sooner than later. Right now it’s a retirement dream.
5. Breakfast on Xmas morning usually consists of?
Ha! When we happen to be in the states, pumpkin pie and milk! Though I grew up here in the states, my parents are both from New Zealand. Growing up, my mother always did all the traditional meals and such, especially breakfast after opening gifts from Santa. However, as a kid, all I ever wanted to eat was sweets. And my mother always caved and let me have the left over pumpkin pie from Christmas Eve. So, that became our tradition. My mom would always have warm pumpkin pie, in a bowl, with milk for me.
6. Do you do anything special on Xmas Eve to celebrate?
We like to splurge on a nice dinner out and then spend the evening walking around and taking in beautiful Christmas decorations. IF it’s too cold, we may not stay outside for long, though we will pop into bars, hotels, and restaurants to check them out.
7. Favourite Xmas song and why?
It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year – Andy Williams I just love it. It makes me feel festive and cheerful.
8. Favourite festive film?
Love Actually! I love the stories, intersections of the characters, and the fact that even though the holiday may not go perfectly, it’s the people that matter.
9. Who do you spend Xmas with?
My husband, Matt.
10. What does Christmas mean to you? Do you think we have lost the original meaning of Christmas?
Christmas is a time of family, friends, and love. Whether religious or not, I think these themes apply to everyone. Kindness and the reminder of the holiday spirit is great for everyone.
In the US, the entire holiday season has become so politically correct and so commercialized. That is part of why we enjoy traveling elsewhere during the holidays so much. Overseas, especially in small towns and villages, the Christmas spirit is alive and well. Believe it or not, even several of the Caribbean Islands make Christmas special again.

Christmas onboard Oasis of the Seas 2

Find out more about Michelle and her travels here:

Blog: www.weatthesea.com
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/weatthesea
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/weatthesea
Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/weatthesea
Pinterest: http://www.pinterest.com/weatthesea

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