24 Days of Xmas : Your Health Stina

And welcome to Day 3 of the Xmas Guest Post Series. Here is Christina and her Xmas answers:

1. I am 25 years old, British and live in Surrey with my husband who is Austrian. I love to go abroad on a few holidays each year, visiting new countries, relaxing and enjoying myself.
The reason I started blogging is because I had set myself up with a ‘Your Health’ Facebook page a few years ago, I was inspired to create this page because of the lifestyle I was brought up on. My parents brought up my sister and I on a diet where we ate poultry and fish and no red meat. In addition, my Dad has always been in to health and fitness, he used to weight train for many years, he has taken numerous vitamins and supplements and now enjoys teaching himself knowledge around health and nutrient. My Dad is very interested in reading up the latest on what Dr. Mercola has to say and sees him as a knowledgable person.
As my Dad has always taught me about diet, health and causes of ill health this has really interested me and reflected on me to have a real interest in this field.
Since growing up not eating any red meat, I since cut out all poultry from my diet around 5 or 6 years ago now and became a pescetarian.
After setting up a Facebook page, this then led me on to creating a Tumblr blog, Instagram and then a Twitter account where I went by ‘Your Health Stina’. I started interacting with a lot of bloggers who had the same interests as me and I started following a lot of influencers on Instagram. I was wanting to get myself set up with my own proper blog where I could share health and lifestyle related content and I finally managed to set myself up with my very own blog over a month ago now.

2. I love Christmas time, as it is meant to be a happy time spent together with family.
I normally wake up on Christmas morning feeling festive and I normally take a relaxed morning in my Christmasy pyjamas. I like to have a hot chocolate or a Christmas tea for breakfast along with ether some dark chocolate, or fruit cake.
Starting my Christmas morning opening some smaller wrapped presents and turning on the Christmas tree lights, playing some Christmas music and putting on the TV to watch a Christmas film. I normally phone up my family to wish them all a ‘Happy Christmas’ and I usually go on Social Media (Facebook) to see what everyone else is getting up to and to wish everyone online a ‘Happy Christmas’.
Normally around 3pm I start to have a shower and get dressed in a nice Christmas outfit. I then start to get everything ready for Christmas day, putting presents in bags, getting food and drinks ready and in the car ready to spend the afternoon/evening eating Christmas dinner, celebrating with family and opening all presents together.

3. I like to keep an eye out online and in the shops on the run up to Christmas to see if I see any nice gifts on offer. I sometimes start buying presets slightly early to save some money and get prepared so I am not left buying presents last minute.
Sometimes if I see something nice out in the high street shops, I then take a photo of the product and go home to have a look for it online to see if I can see it cheaper.

4. If money was no object, I would love to receive presents that would actually be very useful, such as a holiday abroad, household furniture, an economic car, meals at special restaurants or a professional good quality photography camera.

5. My breakfast on Christmas morning can vary, sometimes I might have some stolen slice with a cup of tea, a hot chocolate with some Christmas fruit cake or some satsumas and chocolate with a tea.

6. On Christmas Eve I am normally up late wrapping the final presents, watching Christmas films, getting excited for the following day and ensuring everything is ready and prepared for Christmas.

7. My favourite Christmas song is Mariah Carey – ‘All I want for Christmas is you’, because it is a fun, festive song that makes you feel very happy.

8. I love ‘The Santa Clause’ film because it is so magical and brings back the Christmas feeling I had as a child when Christmas had a very exciting meaning.

9. Because my husband and I live together in the UK, we sometimes spend Christmas here with my family and sometime fly to Vienna to have Christmas with his family.
It is quite different spending Christmas in Vienna as they celebrate on the 24th December and don’t really take the 25th as a special day.

10. Christmas to me is all about really enjoying the whole Christmas period, enjoying the company of my family, relaxing, being happy, feeling appreciative and understanding what Christmas is about.
Christmas isn’t quite the same as an adult to how it was when I was a child, having Father Christmas bring me presents in addition to all my families presents. Also as a child I felt there was so much more I wanted or needed and now I practically have everything.
As a Catholic, Christmas is also understanding Jesus’ birthday.


Christina’s social media handles are below:

Blog: https://yourhealthstina.co.uk
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/yourhealth.stina
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/yourhealth.stina/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/yourhealthstina

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