The Pasta Kidz Book Review

Surely you all know by now we as a family love reading and education so this month we have kindly been gifted a book all about the Pasta Kidz. Bryony’s second book is out soon and we cannot wait to review that one but first we have the Inventing Tubes to review.

The Inventing Tubes By Bryony Supper


Introducing the Pasta Kidz – It tells you all the characters at the back of the book, with cute little pictures for the kids. The book is aimed at children from around 4-7 years. The whole book uses pasta friendly words which is quite nice, although sometimes tongue twisting. It even has it’s own pasta vocabulary section at the back. We loved the idea of the story that Sarah wanted to create a pasta ball, however because she was impatient and didn’t read the instructions she made a bad ball. The lesson in the story is to always read the instructions and be patient. I also liked the fact there was a colouring activity at the end of the book.

What we liked about the book? The characters are cool, Summer (8) loved the characters in the story and how they were all pasta themed, she loved the activity at the back of the book as well. She read the story quite a few times which was good for her as that showed she liked the book and story. The pictures on the left are really cute and the consistency of the pasta is there all throughout the pictures, characters and text within the story which we loved. The story was also a nice read, it flowed well and was easy to read over and over again.

Any negatives? The negative for me was that it seemed to end a little abruptly, I am not sure the kids noticed but for the first few pages it is building up to them creating the Pasta ball to be used to their advantage, the ball is made and then all of a sudden the pasta ball laughs and someone says something at the end and then the pasta beasties were coming, but that last sentence isn’t really explained and it just ends. Maybe it follows on in the next book but it just seemed to come to an abrupt end rather than explain itself a little.

Book can be purchased here : The Pasta Kidz: The Inventing Tubes


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