Benefits of Guest Posting

So for the next 24 days I am handing over my blog for the 24 days of Xmas Guest post series where I have 24 bloggers getting involved and telling us all about how they spend Xmas.

The reason I wanted to do this guest series as the first I have done is because I have networked over the past 3 month with many other bloggers especially on Twitter and I wanted a way to share their blogs and social networks as well, to help all our engagements and domain authorities.

When I first started out as a blogger and started seeing opportunities many of these required a minimum DA number, which stands for domain authority. Search engines seem to like when similar businesses and similar niche type websites link together as it helps the customer or reader find things that will continue interesting them, like a web trail of interesting content so if I post about how to help learn reading with your child and then I link to another parent blogger who has reviewed some children’s books it likes the linkage as it stays relevant. It might not always work this way and some people won’t always see the relevance but you might see something different and become inspired.

I built my DA from 0-18 in 3 months of blogging and I did it by using the following

  1. Creating profiles on the socials, following other bloggers, commenting on their posts and engaging with them. I read other blogs and got inspiration from what they were writing about. I built up my followers on the socials, I asked questions to other bloggers and encouraged them to engage with me but asking questions about themselves, I know from experience most people love talking about themselves so what better way to build engagement than ask someone about themselves or their blog.
  2. Visit blogs of people, ask for recommendations of blog posts that might be interesting for you. I always love reading about travel and especially travel with kids so I put a call out on social media for people who have posted about travel and then I go to their blog posts, have a read, leave a comment, like there blog and if I really enjoyed the post I might pin it to my Pinterest travel board and also share it to my twitter. That is all part of the engagement process and you are building links to your website when you comment.
  3. Guest Posts – I joined a few groups on Facebook that were engagement, collaboration, blogging Newbs and a few other groups. I also looked for Hashtags on twitter of #bloggerswanted and looked for opportunities to Guest post on anything relevant to my niche, anything I have a passion to talk about whether that is finance, parenting or travelling with children as a family. Most of the people are happy to host a guest post so long as the writing is good and the post fits in with the style of their blog and you have written it for them I found.
  4. Linking Posts – I have participated in a few of the round up linking posts where someone posts a list of questions, they put it on their blog, link to around 5 other blogs and they post the questions and link to others. It is a good way of building backlinks to your website and linking to relevant others so long as it isn’t too much and doesn’t look too spammy.
  5. Allow guest posts and comments on your website so people can comment on your posts, you can always have them set to be moderated so you can check where they are linking to and what they have posted before you review them. If you are looking for guest posts put a post up in the facebook groups or use the twitter chats and engagement groups or the Retweeting Blogger accounts to help you find guest posters. It also helps you keep having fresh content on your blog daily and then you can schedule other posts to fit in with it all.

So I hope you enjoy our lovely 24 days of Xmas Bloggers – They tell us all about how they spend Xmas, who they spend it with, what they eat, their favourite food and films. All posts are also linked to their twitter accounts so hopefully they will also Retweet the post which again all helps your blog promotion and the links to their website they have on the post so win-win for both parties involved.

Merry Xmas all!



4 thoughts on “Benefits of Guest Posting

  1. Really looking forward to reading all these wonderful Christmas guest posts! Building up your DA requires so much work. When I went self-hosted in January I lost my previous DA which was 25. I’ve built back up to 20 but it’s been a slog!


    1. I did the same, for the first month I was hosted by wordpress and then I paid to remove the domain name bit and it dropped from a good number to pretty much 2 or something and then now 3 months later it is DA20!


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