How to have a cheap Xmas

We all know its the most expensive time of the year but it doesn’t have to be, you can make Christmas as cheap as you want with my easy tips for saving money.

Tell people you are not buying Christmas cards because you are being environmentally friendly, not only is this a good reason in itself it will also save you money. If you are feeling bad about not sending people cards why not send e-cards instead, you can even design and create your own with your own words inside. We decided a few years back that we would no longer buy for the adults in the family as they could afford their own gifts anyway and it was costing a lot of money for unnecessary presents.

Attend Sales – Throughout the year you can attend shop clearance sales in January and also events like Black Friday in order to buy gift presents for people for Christmas. You can also look out for seasonal sales to get bargains especially at the end of Winter in order to buy for the next Winter season. Wrapping paper is also cheaper in January times so you can save money that way, so long as you have the storage. October will probably be a good time to buy stationary type items after the back to school rush that September brings.

Use a different meat other than the conventional Turkey. At Asda you can buy a gammon joint, beef joint or full chicken for around £15/20 for 3 meats and you can use for sandwiches for boxing day. Many supermarkets offer good deals on veg in the days coming up to Christmas and then all you need is roast potatoes and stuffing to make a perfect meal. There is no need to buy too much as much food gets wasted on Xmas day.

Loyalty cards and points – It is worthwhile saving your points throughout the year and also using your points to pay for Xmas. Morrisons have a savings card to help you save up for Xmas. Boots advantage card means you can save up for points for those electrical and beauty gifts. Tesco club card and Nectar points can also be redeemed for a variety of things for your family members.

Apps – Saving money apps and websites such as Shoppix, Receipthog, globaltestmarket and swagbucks. You do surveys, keep diaries, watch videos, photograph receipts and then gain points which convert to Amazon vouchers that you can save up and look to spend on Xmas stuff.

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