Rascalpack Review

Kylo goes to nursery 3 days a week and takes a little bag but it isn’t very cool so we were so happy to be gifted a Rascalpack, it is in the design of a bus character, Bobby the big red bus and has enough storage for what he needs – His essentials – Juice, nappies, wipes and of course Wotsits!


We loved the way it so easily clips together and you just put it over their head like a tabard and then clip at the sides, the straps are adjustable at the sides for when the children get a little bigger or for the winter when they have a larger coat on.


The bag has padded shoulder straps for your child’s comfort, reflective material so they can be seen while out and about and a fun character face that the children really like. I guess as time goes on more characters would be a good idea as Kylo also loves train so would have been nice to see a Thomas or a Train one.


We went for a little walk with the bag on to show it wasn’t bothering Kylo. He is nearly 2 and seemed to carry it okay, but it is suitable for kids 3+. The rucksack can be used on its own without the vest bit at the front if you just want to use the bag part of it, there is also press studs to attach the vest to it for ease of storage if the child isn’t wearing the vest at the time.

The Vest is wipe clean, phthalate free and fun and practical. We have used it a few times now and the space inside is ideal, Kylo has no problems carrying it, we love the design and for £20 because of the attachments it can grow with him and last quite a few years.

Check out the website at www.bearandsquidge.co.uk

Disclosure: We received this product in exchange for an honest review.

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