Wish upon a Star – Meadowhall Review

We were invited to an exclusive opening of Wish upon a Star with Santa at Meadowhall so we went along to see what it was all about. The event is at a cost of £6 for children and £3 for adults (there may also be fees online). The experience is a walkthrough all about wishing on a star. While walking through Meadowhall you will notice the snowman balls where you can jump in and have a picture taken.

The first part of the experience is in the entrance where the children can have their picture taken with the sleigh and backdrops or in front of the Christmas tree then they can have a go at ringing the bell. The lady that welcomes you is dressed in costume with a fabulous headpiece and stays in character marvellously.


Then you go through a huge door and into a beautifully decorated room with little tree stumps each with headphones on and a fancy decoration on the top. You are shown a film and you listen to the story or music on the headphones.


In the next room there is a giant telescope in the centre and you sit around on comfy beanbags while the man discusses about magical stars and making a wish. Then each child is invited up to look through the telescope and to see a star. The room again is decorated so well with all the clocks on the wall and the stars from the ceiling. The character is really good as well and is dressed up to match the décor from the room.


Next you go into a room where all the children sit around a table to make crafts. There are many different decorations all centred around stars and glitter. The kids loved doing their crafts and the well wishers helped them and had chats with the kids while they were making their creations.


The next part of the experience is the kids favourite – Meeting the big man himself. You are taken into a room with your family and given the chance to have a chat with Santa and get your picture taken. He gives you a gift and then you can exit the attraction. The whole thing lasts around 30-40 minutes and it is a different experience to many of the other grottos.




The kids also got filmed while enjoying the experience so you can see a preview of the magical experience here Wish upon a star experience preview

Our review of the experience is that the good things about it are that it is different, the scenes created are beautiful, the headphones and story are a great idea especially for the older kids like Ruby who is 6. The telescope room where the man was talking a few of the kids seemed to lose interest and what he was saying was lost so it could have been a little more interactive and exciting. The craft station was excellent as were the well wishers costumes and the way they interacted with the children. The Santa was okay but seemed to lack a little Jolly ness – The present, a book was lovely but again wasn’t wrapped so missed that little bit of magic for the kids. You do get given a lovely paper bag nicely decorated through to take your crafts home. I would say for the experience for kids around 4-7 years it is beautiful and magical and they would get the most benefit out of it. The picture at the end was nice that they took, however disappointing that they charge for adults as I never really understand why adults should pay when they don’t really get to do anything with the experience.

(Disclosure: We were invited to attend this event free of charge for a review – This does not affect the review, as they are always honest)

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