Rescue Runts Review

Ruby came home from school to a lovely box and we told her a little back story to this doggy that had been neglected and not looked after properly by its owner as that sometimes happens and it needed to be loved and brought back to health so we asked Ruby if she was up to the job. She couldn’t wait to get the Runt out of the box and style its hair with the little brush, pick the fleas out of its fur and then wipe their messy paws.


The little Rescue runt comes with pretty pink tweezers, a blue little brush for their fur, some fleas that you can put in and out of their fur, a little bandage for the leg and a cloth for its paws.


The dog Ruby received was called Spotty but there are others including Shepard, Husky and Spaniel that are available. The dogs RRP at £17.99 which we thought was a fair price for what it included. Ruby loved scrubbing the paws with the cloth and watching the dirt go away, but if you don’t keep up to looking after them the dirt comes back (I am unsure how but it does). You can also re attach the fleas and bandage to rescue your runt time and time again.


Spotty is just the right size for travelling and went to the Teddy Bears picnic at school the other day with Ruby and also went to grandmas to show her. We think it is a great idea as a present for Christmas as it is a toy you can play with again and again over time and as it doesn’t need batteries over and over again like other toys it doesn’t cost anymore than first purchase. It is also very soft so Ruby loves giving it cuddles and showing affection which is just what Spotty needed.


Rescue Runts are available at Amazon, Smyths, Argos and the Entertainer RRP £17.99

(Disclosure: Product gifted for review)

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