Zimpli Kids Products Review

Zimpli Kids let us try some of their fabulous and fun products for bath time and fun outdoor time and we have loved trying them out. The girls have enjoyed slime bath, Gelli baff and also a snoball fight, check out our review and pictures below.

Gelli Baff – We enjoyed the Gelli baff so much. It is so easy to make, just fill your fill up as per instructions and then sprinkle the powder, mix round with your hands and you feel the product turning into slush and then getting harder like Gelli. Then the kids got in the bath and enjoyed messing around with the Gelli. They had a lovely time and then when it came to get out you just shake the solution provided over wherever the Gelli is, the kids had swimsuits on for hygiene reasons, then you just let it dissolve the Gelli and shower down the kids.


Slime Baff – The girls loved the Slimy bath, just be careful when they are getting in as it can be rather slippy. It did take quite a while to get some sort of Slimy so maybe try using hotter water (obviously not too hot as the kids have to bath in it) as I used medium and think that is why it took so long. You just put the water in, pour over the solution and mix until slimy. It did take around 15 minutes to get it slimy but then the girls got in and loved it. This one is easier to get rid of as you just add extra water, the cold water seemed to dilute it a lot quicker.


SnoBall Play – We also tried the SnoBall play where you add the solution to water and mix and make snowballs. The girls loved doing this and throwing them at each other. I think next time I will have a few bowls around the garden and ask their friends over so they can all enjoy it but video below of the girls and how they look. The RRP is £2.99 so again a great stocking filler for the kids or a present idea for someone who loves fun.


Our review: The slime wasn’t as slimy as we would have liked although the girls had great fun I am not sure whether I didn’t do the water warm enough to start with or whether I had put too much water in however it didn’t seem to get very slimy. The Gelli baff on the other hand you could tell was getting more slush puppy like and then more jelly like and the girls had great fun throwing it at each other. They did seem to have more fun with the slime just for throwing it up in the air and exploring it with their fingers. I would recommend both products for the children as my girls loved the creative and different products and for the price they are ideal stocking fillers. The RRP is £4.99 for a one use pack and they come in a variety of colours – They even have a glittery one.



Check out their products at : www.zimplikids.com

Products can be bought from a variety of retailers.

(Disclosure: Products were gifted for review)

20 thoughts on “Zimpli Kids Products Review

  1. Lovely review, it’s a shame that the Slime didn’t end up being Slimy enough for you. Love the video of the girls playing with the snow balls. Thought it was so cute when one of them made a rule that the other can’t throw one at her when she was trying to make a ball 😂 xx


  2. I’m 23 years old and this makes me wish I was a child again. Your daughters look like they’ve had a great time! I’ve heard great things about gelli baff too!


  3. So much fun with these products! And I think they are also great for kids who don’t like the bath time, they make things so much fun! We tried the blue slime and had no idea there’s a glittery one as well, thanks for the tip!


  4. Kids do love to play with messy things! I have 2 boys myself I think I’ll go check this out and see if we have that thing available in our country.


  5. I love Zimpli and their bath time products looks like such fun for little ones. I am sure my kids would love both the slime bath and Gelli baff for sure


  6. These products look like such great fun for children! I wish I could’ve played with these when I was a kid – especially the SnoBall Play since I grew up in Florida and never got to actually have a snowball fight!


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