Hexbug RC Mouse Cat Toy Review

We were gifted this awesome Remote Control Mouse Cat toy to try out. We had great fun with this remote controlled toy. I think many kids love RC toys and even Bradley at 10 enjoyed controlling it. The speed of the mouse around the floor is really good and fast, it comes with batteries already in it so just remove the tabs and start playing.


We have our toddler of the house, Kylo who was scared of it to start with but kept trying to get closer to it and then running away but we think he enjoyed it really. The kids had great fun over a few sessions playing with this toy and the batteries seem to last for quite a while as well. The only downside, which should be obvious, but maybe not for the kids if it doesn’t like the carpet as Bradley tried to run it on the carpet and it got the wheels all caught up, but it still worked okay on laminate after. See the video below for how fast it zooms around.

HEXBUG RC Mouse Cat Toy RRP £14.99 available from  www.hexbug.com and many other retailers. As much fun for the owner as for the cat – watch as your cat chases it around the floor with you in control.

(Disclosure: Gifted for review)

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