Portable North Pole Review

Ruby is the most excitable child ever, she loves presents, anything magical and really loves Christmas so when we received a magic pass to review the Portable North Pole app she could barely contain herself. We did the ‘latest news on your behaviour video’ and while the child is watching the video Santa rings them and has a little chat and calls them by name and tells them whether their behaviour is good or not. Ruby was so happy that she thought she was talking to Santa as well as seeing him on the screen, it seemed to make it more real for her. It takes a few minutes for adults to create the videos and upload everything needed and make the choices, then you get the below loading screen:


We looked at the video for ‘Where is your big book’ and I created it by filling in the answers and uploading a couple of pictures of Ruby and then I filmed her reaction to the video. You just need to input the name, their favourite activities, picture of them, you can also include a picture of yourself and say whether they have been naughty or nice. The video lasted 5 minutes and Ruby is 6 – The reaction camera is below and you can see she smiled when they said she was on the nice list and when she saw familiar images of people on the screen however I am not sure how much she enjoyed the other bits and we as parents didn’t understand why there was a snowflake as well as a magic book.

If they don’t have the name for your child you do get some time to create one and record it yourself for them to add it in the database as we couldn’t find one for Kylo. Alternatively you can have a range of names that you can call them such as Little man or a variety of others. The next video we tried was the ‘The Wrapping Machine’ which lasts around 6 minutes and we did this for Kylo, his sisters watched the video with him to see if he was a naughty or nice boy. He is only 20 months so still a little young to understand but the video seemed to keep his attention throughout with the colourful pictures and the familiar faces that kept popping up on the screen as you can put family members pictures in to show.

The whole thing if you pay for the premium package has 14 videos (including the free ones and your special birthday one) and you can also receive phone calls from Santa, one of the videos includes a call within the video where Santa rings you while you are watching him.

I think in conclusion the extra videos are good if you have a child probably between 3-5 years as this seems to be the age where they enjoy Santa the most, even Ruby who loves Christmas and gets excited by everything didn’t seem too fazed about the Santa thing and she is 6 and a half years old so maybe she is outgrowing the magic which is a shame. Kylo is nearly 2 and although he seemed to enjoy the video he wouldn’t have a clue who Santa was. I as a parent also found there was too many things to input, like I didn’t have pictures of the presents they wanted or of other members of the family and when I didn’t input these the video seemed a little lost from not having them so if you are going to create them take some photos of presents they want and the members of your family you want to include as well as a picture of your child and a picture of your child doing an activity as I wanted to include one of Ruby dancing but didn’t have a picture to hand.

Make your own videos at  Portable North Pole

(Disclosure: The premium portable north pole was gifted for review, however the review is as always honest)


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