Owlet Press Books Review

I love Books, they are everywhere and there is pretty much a book on any subject. Where else can you grow your imagination, learn new words, understand grammar and get immersed in the experience other than in a book. From an early age with the touchy feely books, to the no word books that encourage you to use the pictures to create a story to the longer reads for children, through teenage stages and then to the non-fiction or fiction books aimed at adults reading is so important at all life stages. Whether you think about it or not you are reading all the time -Signs when you are out, menus, TV guides, magazines, comics or just general information websites – Words are all around us.

I have a passion for education and I love my kids reading so this weekend I wanted to share with you what we have been reading.


The 3 books above were kindly gifted to us from Owlet Press to see what the kids thought of them. I must say when they arrived I loved the pictures on the front, perfect for getting us in the Christmas mood. I was also intrigued by the ‘Don’t look in this book’ so we were delighted to read them.

We chose ‘The Special Delivery’ to read first and I read this one with Kylo. He is 22 months so loved looking at the pretty pictures. It also helped that their were lots of pictures that you could ask questions about, such as ‘Where is the carrot?”, “Where is the tree?”, “Where is the snowman?” and many other questions you can make up to help your child learn. Kylo loves pointing at the things and we counted the reindeers on the tree and also how many dogs were on the street scene. The story has an important message that it isn’t all about the getting presents, it is about being kind and helpful.


Our second reading book was “Santa’s Wish”. I like the way the last word on each line rhymes, made it so easy to read and it seemed to incorporate older stories so it had a sense of familiarity mixed with new ideas which I enjoyed.  This book is all about the children helping Santa and then sharing gifts with others, so teaches an important message about sharing and making sure everyone is happy and has food and presents at Christmas.

The third book we read aimed at older Kids was “Don’t look in this book”. We dared to open the pages and found a truly creative story. There wasn’t really a story as such in that it didn’t seem to have a beginning, middle or end but it was creative, the pictures were colourful and the story flowed. We loved reading it nevertheless. Books are ideal fo purchase for stocking fillers as Christmas Presents or presents for other children all year round.

Find more books by Owlet Press here: www.owletpress.com

(Disclosure: Book gifted for review – Reviews are honest)

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