Little Brian Paint Sticks Review

We love crafting, drawing and painting in our house and I want to encourage the kids to do more painting, however I dislike the mess so it was great when we discovered the Little Brian paint sticks. They have 24 mini sticks for around £10 and you can even get a bag to carry them around in, which is ideal if you are going on your travels or to grandmas for the day.


There are so many colours to choose from, you just pop the top off and paint, no water needed. They also dry in 30 seconds so no mess, even if you turn your paper over on the table they don’t seem to get it on the table. If they run out you just roll up the paint stick with the little turning nozzle at the bottom. They do provide hours of fun and my kids all had a go from Kylo at 22 months to Bradley at 10 years. We took the paint sticks to great grandmas and she helped Kylo learn to draw a circle. They were so cute enjoying the painting time together.


On another occasion I covered the table with A4 people, spread the paint sticks around and let the kids get creative, we have used these paint sticks several times now and there is still so much paint left so they really are value for money.


The paint sticks come in many different options to suit your budget and they even have fabric paints so you can decorate your fabric, say you had an old white T-shirt and wanted to create something, these paints make it so easy for you. We loved that there was a range of different packs to choose from depending on the sizes you wanted.


Our review of the Paint Sticks after a weeks trial is they are great for all ages, the colours are great, they can easily travel and we loved creating pictures with our beautiful new paints. You can see from the videos and pictures the kids had great fun with the Little Brian Paint Sticks.


Buy the pack of 24 little brian paint sticks here. They retail around £10 and provide hours of fun. (Disclosure: Product gifted for review but reviews are honest)

2 thoughts on “Little Brian Paint Sticks Review

  1. Wow these look awesome! As an auntie who spends a lot of time with her 10 nieces and nephews (soon to be 11!!) they seem like the perfect activity for a rainy day :).


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