Family Board Games : Googly Eyes

I love a good board game and it is so nice to get the children off the electric for some Crazy fun playing games as a family. There are many different types of board games for each type of child whether they look for fun, seriousness or competitiveness and as soon as I saw this board game I knew it was a game for Ruby!

The packaging the game comes in is very colourful and really sells the game, explains easily what the game is about and what ages it is aimed at which I like. It does say age 7 up but our 6 year old also enjoyed playing it so wouldn’t rule it out for younger kids, could even have easier cards for younger kids if they made another.

We opened the box and couldn’t wait to try on the wacky vision glasses, there are 3 types of lenses so you can try the easy, medium or hard – they have the description on the edges. We put them on hard as it was funnier! It is like looking through stained glass in that you can see but you can’t see clearly.


Then next you get into your teams and you get a notepad for drawing and a counter to move along the board. The winner is the team that gets to the end of the board first. On your turn you roll the dice and land on a circle, this denotes the colour glass lens you put in for your turn, then one of the team looks at the card and has to draw whatever the colour suggest and turns the timer to how many seconds they are allowed as per the card suggestion. If your team can successfully guess correctly what you are drawing then you get to roll again and move the spaces the dice says, if not your turn is over.


The kids liked the novelty glasses and also the drawing elements of the game and I think it is a lovely idea for a game. My only criticism was that you need 4 people to play it so you do have to essentially all play, maybe a good idea to draw for the other team to guess to encourage better drawing – It would still be fun but then could be played with less people. When the kids played it themselves, the 3 of them they just took it in turns to draw and have the other 2 guessing and it was whichever got it first correctly one and got a go.

You can check out this game and others by University Games at Amazon by clicking here .  Currently (15.11.18) this game is for sale at £10 which is a great price for a stocking filler. Great fun game to play on Christmas Day as well.

Disclosure: We were gifted this game for an honest review, the fact it was gifted doesn’t change our opinion on the game and all reviews are honest.

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