Cake through the Post from Bakerdays

Some people are surprised when they know I have 4 kids, a part time job and study as well, How do you cope they ask? Bet you have your hands full? But if I am honest there are 3 things that get me through and one of those is Cake! Victoria Sponge cake to be precise so imagine my delight when I realised you can get it, order it for a specific date and it can be delivered through your letterbox? So it comes through the post like this:


Then you open it and are presented with a lovely tin with the words ‘Just for you’ which I think is lovely. This one we got for our daughter Ruby for being such a good girl at school and doing well with her parents evening with top grades and a really kind girl in her class, helping and making time for everyone. So we opened the tin and there is a little tab you can pull to help you get the cake out easier. It has little placeholder type things to help the cake stay in place while being transported and they do a great job as the cake hadn’t moved, lost shape or wobbled at all.


There are different types of cake you can have from Victoria Sponge, Chocolate, Lemon Drizzle or you can even order a Gluten or dairy free cake so there really is something for all. The cakes also come in different sizes and have a whole host of personalised descriptions for all situations through birthdays, engagements, celebrations, anniversaries or you can even personalise your own.


Another good thing is the Tin is really pretty so can be reused, maybe to put a present in for someone or the kids to use for money tin or for little crafts bits like googly eyes or buttons. All in all I think for £15 the cake was beautiful (Me and Ruby shared), the idea is novel, it is great even for gifting and I love the presentation of it. The website makes it easy to find what you need and details all the different types of cakes from the menu so I would highly recommend Bakerdays if your looking for personalised cakes or cupcakes.

Go treat yourself to a lovely Personalised Cake  – Have one waiting at the other side of the door when you get home from work like mine was.

(Disclosure: Item was gifted for review, however all reviews are honest)

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