Encouraging Child Learning Daily

I love learning, anyone who knows me would say I have a passion for learning. I did good at school, studied Business A-Levels, did other qualifications while working, then studied my degree and am now studying my accounting qualifications as I love a challenge. However I think learning starts when you are small and children absorb so much just from the world around them. There is learning everywhere – Numbers and words are all around us, situations are happening all the time and there are always opportunities to learn.

From the moment we wake up and get dressed children are learning about how to dress themselves, over time they learn to brush their teeth, go to the toilet themselves, wash their hands and general hygiene. Once they are a little older they will learn to tie their own shoelaces (They have teddies and toys that help you learn buttons, Velcro, laces and more), make themselves a simple meal and do chores around the house.


Other things your children can learn when they are young is shapes which they can learn from everyday objects such as tin cans, book shapes and also from shape sorter toys which teach hand eye co ordination and also shapes. They can also learn normal words from you speaking and interacting with them when you go on walks or from games such as I Spy when you are out and about.


Once your children are older you can teach them things like money when they go to the local shop, they can even pay for the shopping and work out the change, they can read information when you go to new cities or tourist destinations, they can research information for their home work using google and even create pamphlets for information to enhance their creativeness. Simple meals for the children to make can include beans on toast, pasta and sauce, hot dogs or even just soup and crusty bread.


7 thoughts on “Encouraging Child Learning Daily

  1. What a great post! We sometimes forget that their little minds are sponges and they’re learning all the time 🙂


  2. Toddlers learn everyday from us with the things we do. Toddlers learn just by opening a drawer and asking, “What is that?” They are very curious and we want to teach them about everything we can.


  3. I believe this is so important – children find things like maths easier to comprehend when related to real life situations.

    Lola Mia x


  4. My daughter loves learning and reads everything she sees from road signs to shampoo bottles. I do have to be careful what I leave laying around though!


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