EduPrintsPlus Review

We are going through massive renovations at the moment as we do up our house so we were glad to be gifted some beautiful posters for the kids rooms. We have had to put them up in temporary places at the moment so this will be updated with more beautiful images as our renovations happen.


They arrived in a large brown envelope and were in great condition as I pulled them out of the packaging. The prints and beautiful in that they are not too dull or too bright the colours seem just the right amount of shiny on the print.

I chose the ones I did because my daughter Summer loves reading books. If we had a spare room in our crowded house it would probably be a library as everyone here loves reading whether its a novel, picture book, learning book, comic or biography we love learning and reading so I picked this one that says “Looking for magic – You will find it in a book”. I love this idea and notion because essentially when I am reading or am reading with the kids I feel the magic of the story makes you feel like you are there within the story so the quote I just loved. Once the girls bedroom is finished it will go above their bookshelf in its own place.

When I went to place these in their temporary homes I kind of thought they would have a sticky back like a large sticker, however I am glad they don’t as this means I can move them around after a while if I don’t like where they are placed. So I added 4 pieces of blutac, one in each corner and got them put easily on to the wall.

I chose the smile picture as below because Ruby is so full of life and full and she never stops smiling, if anyone is down or upset in her class at school or in the family we always say they need Ruby to cheer them up. She is so fun and silly that this poster really says it all about her. The colours of this poster are fantastic and look lovely on the wall and I love the happiness of it, rather motivating message for anyone who sees it.


The last picture in the blue I chose because sometimes Bradley can be too hard on himself and tells himself he isn’t good enough so this poster is a constant reminder to him that he is awesome. The picture is kind of cool too and as it is blue it can go on his walls and fit in really well..


I love these prints, they arrived quickly, the packaging was ideal, they stick up perfectly, the colours are great and the motivational messages and choice are a great range so there will be something suitable for everyone, my only criticism would be not to put them on a white wall and to try and have other pictures up too as I think on a plain white wall just one image would get washed out. For example if you had 2 children pictures at either side and then the image of the smile in the middle all in wooden frames I think it would look beautiful – I think this is how I will decorate my daughters rooms once we have the wall knocked out in March.

So go ahead and visit and see which print suits your child! The prints are usually £12 each but if you buy 5 you get your 5th one free.

(Disclosure : Products were gifted for review, however all reviews as always are honest)


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