Festival Face Tattoos Review

The girls always love an opportunity to dress up, decorate or make up their faces and this week we received some Festival Face Tattoos to try from interplayuk so they were delighted. We have been in a caravan relaxing in Scotland this week so our evenings were the perfect chance to try them out and see how good they are.


Summer and Ruby decided they could apply themselves without any help, they are 8 and 6. They used the sponge provided and some water (you need to provide) and they cut out the designs they wanted with the scissors provided, they aren’t the best scissors in the world for cutting but with some adult help you get there in the end. Then pull off the protective sheet from the tattoo, put it facing your face and then soak the white bit with the sponge applying a little pressure to the face and you have your face tattoo.



I always worry with products like this that they will run out quickly, however we still had loads left to use this weekend and also for future events so really happy. There are quite a few choices for designs as well which is nice, I like the sparkly pink horse as my favourite but they have other designs to choose from including a few butterflies, love hearts, horses, dolphins and stars. If you wanted to be really creative you could make your own pattern of stars and hearts.


They even include the sponge and tattoo removal stuff to help you get them off, just a little wipe and they easily come off, ready to try another design or just have a clean face ready for bed. Ideal for festivals, parties, just decorating faces, sleepovers or just playing make up and girly stuff at home. Retailing around Ā£12-15 on Amazon at the moment (Nov 18).

(Disclosure: Products were provided for review, however review will be honest)


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