National Jigsaw Day

Did you know today is National Jigsaw day? If your honest with yourself when was the last time you turned off all the electric and just sat down and relaxed with a Jigsaw?

Fun Jigsaw Fact: – The largest jigsaw by number of pieces 551,232 and was completed by 1600 students in Vietnam.

Now we aren’t asking you to go to those great lengths with your puzzle but just take a few minutes or an hour out of your day this weekend, maybe with your partner, child, cousin or friend and spend some relaxing time doing a nice jigsaw. You will be amazed at how therapeutic you find it. We as a couple often spend nights with a large jigsaw on the kitchen table, it usually takes us a few nights to finish the 1000 piece ones but it is a happy time when you see it completed.

We also love jigsaws as a family, from the wooden board ones for babies and toddlers right through to the 3D puzzles for teens and older kids so I was delighted when Wentworth Puzzles asked if they could send me 2 Jigsaws to try out and review for National Jigsaw day. (Disclosure: Product was gifted but reviews are always honest)

We have been in a caravan in Scotland on holidays as a family this week so what better time than the cold October evenings to have some family times together playing games and doing Puzzles. I asked my 10 year old for some help with the wooden jigsaws and we loved creating them and having a chat about the different shapes of the pieces and how they would fit together.


I was surprised when I first tipped the puzzle pieces out of the box and some of them were in the style and shape of letters and then some were weird and wonderful shapes so this would be a challenge, however it was only 40 pieces. The wooden pieces are so thick and durable and you can tell they are built with quality and longevity in mind.

Me and Bradley got to work with the first puzzle, putting all the pieces together and trying to create the pattern and then the second puzzle.


After a while we had completed both of the puzzles, we really enjoyed putting the different pieces together and I would happily recommend Wentworth Puzzles to anyone looking to create jigsaws together as a family.

They have a huge range of different size and style puzzles from 25 Р1500 pieces, but if you want to get involved in National Jigsaw Day then they have a specific range of puzzles ideally for that which feature  Festive Cats, London in Snow or Tinseltown РIdeal Xmas gifts.

2 thoughts on “National Jigsaw Day

  1. Fun! And you get to try freebies while at it. I do enjoy jigsaw puzzles once in a while. Our library also offer them for some quiet time, aside from reading. Thanks for the tip.


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