Social Media for Your Business

So you now have your business website or bricks and mortar set up and then you need to concentrate on advertising your business. Depending on your products / services and whether your target is a business or consumer depends which method or social media platform will be better.


Pinterest is a great driver of traffic and you can use sites like Canva to create graphics such as Pinterest pins and link them to your blog posts, posts them on yours and other peoples boards that have lots of traffic to create interest in your content. Remember that you should always have a call to action so for example ‘Click for top ten low cal foods’ or ’50 best exercises for a small belly’. Then once the person clicks they go to your website and read the rest of your article. Try and use a clear background and large text that catches the eye. You can create your own boards and also follow others boards and email the people who run the boards to see if you can collaborate and join so that you can post content. Don’t just post your own things, add other pins to your board that are relevant, hashtags should be included in your pin description and you can add the same pin with a slight tweak and different description over the course of a period, say every 2 months add a similar pin, link to a page of your site like a blog post and hopefully your traffic and following will grow.


There are some other things you can try for Pinterest that I have been trying lately including the Tailwind App, which works as a browser extension in Chrome. It has a free trial and you can sign up to a few BETA tests to try out more features however even on the free plan adding and scheduling my pins and adding them to 5 relevant tribes I have increased views in 2 weeks from 2.4k to 7.9k on my monthly views statistics by doing this and also adding new pins from others to my boards as well as my own, making sure they all had descriptions and were relevant.

There is also a new carousel post you can try where you get to post 5 PINS in one with a description and title and post them to a board. I am not sure how helpful this will be but it does make uploading new PINS much quicker. I am not sure whether you should link them all to the same theme and blog page or not but I will try that for now and see how the carousel PIN goes.



Facebook is great if you are a photography business giving away a free photoshoot or you are looking for child models for something as this quickly increases follower growth. Competitions are a good way to grow your facebook engagement as well as the small business like lady pages which will bring you your first Facebook page likes. Once you have 25 likes you can usually create a custom URL and name for your page. I do find Facebook hard to build without the competitions and constant slogs. If you do have giveaways and competitions be sure to share them on competition and giveaway sites and also places like MSE on the competition boards. They also have competition forums on facebook you can join to promote the competition.


Twitter is great for engagement and support, they have a great network for local hours and local businesses just search for Hashtags and tweet people that are local or in the same field as you but not in direct competition. Think about your product and service and how it helps the customer do something they need to or want to do and sell them the benefits, just don’t focus on the hard sell, use social media to network, let people know you are there and offer your ideas and solutions to their problems. Social bluebook also shows you your level of twitter engagement so make sure you are liking and commenting on your friends post and engaging with other businesses that are similar to yours.

It is easy to find the Twitter accounts that help bloggers out just search for Blog in the search bar and it will bring up various users who schedule trains and help bloggers in the community engage with each other. I also tried to use Buffer in the last week to see if that helps engagement and although I feel it was useful for keeping me there in presence while I was away it missed the total interaction and there were things other people posted that I missed so I would say it is ideal for holidays or people who don’t have the time everyday and want to schedule to create interaction but you still need to check the app to make sure you don’t miss anything.


Instagram is an awesome platform for fashion, beauty and also hair products. The more beautiful pictures you post of your life, the more hashtags you add and the more loops you join the more followers will like your photos and like your profile. Many companies use brand ambassadors on Instagram to influencer customers to buy their products, these may include clothing or swimwear brands and also kids brands focused on fashion clothing and also hair accessories. Also up your engagement and interact with people, their photos and their lives in order to get your engagement grade up.

Instagram seems to reward constant posting of your images and I noticed when I didn’t post for a few days I didn’t get any new followers. You can also schedule posts to Instagram and link your medias such as Instagram to Pinterest to post on your behalf.


YouTube could be a great platform if you are creating a service that involves teaching people something because you can give snippets or taster lessons and then encourage people to go to your blog for more in depth lessons. If you offer toys or games then features of families playing the games, unboxing or going through the building and rules etc can all be good videos especially if they are fun to watch. Also if you were selling or a ambassador for beauty products you can create youtube make up tutorials in order to showcase your products for sale. Many customers like to see what positive effects products would have on them before purchasing.

5 thoughts on “Social Media for Your Business

  1. Awesome tips my friend. Thank you so much for sharing. There are so many ways we can use social media to our advantage. Happy Blogging!
    Latisha xx


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