42 Ways to make money from Home

So if your thinking about quitting your job and doing something different you may need a few income streams so here are my 42 ideas for income streams. It is a long post, I really hope it is helpful and packed with information for you, so get a cuppa and settle in for a long informative read.

  1. Surveys – There are many survey sites out there with opportunities daily to complete questions for many brands. It will take you a while to set up your profiles and give your information but then you will get daily emails with new opportunities for you. Simply fill in the questions and then submit to get your points. All points are converted into vouchers, usually either Amazon or Paypal. Check the T & C and info on each site though. Some good sites I recommend – ValuedOpinions, YouGov, GlobaltestMarket, BrandedSurveys and also TestableMinds.
  2. Apps – Again apps are an easy way to make a little extra cash. Just add them to your phone and fill in your information. These apps aren’t surveys and questionnaires as such they offer different opportunities so Jobspotter is where you take photos of job ads in shop windows, great if you shop a lot. Then we have people.io which is good for quick daily questionnaires and then others for snapping receipts such as receiptHog and Shoppix. Other good ones are Vypr where they ask you questions when you are in store so you need Location on your mobile phone.
  3. Modelling – If you are interested in either being a model or an extra then you just need to send some pictures to local agencies and see if they are interested in adding you on their books. There are many local agencies throughout the UK. Check out our list of model agencies in the UK for more information. Income may not be brilliant and will increase depending on the brand and also buyout fees etc for modelling work, with extra work if you say lines or get in more shots then your fee may increase.
  4. Life Modelling – Similar to above but you need guts for this one. You will be naked laid in one position for around 2 hours while a local art group of enthusiast draw you. It is hard work because you have to keep the same position so it does require patience and also dedication but pay is okay £25 for an hour or so and the people are usually so nice, its hardly like your naked.
  5. Blogger – You can make money by becoming a blogger if you can write, create interesting information and also talk about businesses in order to promote them. Many facebook groups exist for bloggers with opportunities to network with businesses online. Also search for Twitter #prrequest #blogger opportunities and see what opportunities are available
  6. Case studies are always needed for the media, just search #journorequests on twitter or on the media requests part of netmums to see what journalists are looking for at this time. I had a lot of magazine and radio interviews about childcare costs and things that like, if your suitable you would be looking between £50-500 for an feature. I mean look at the womans own and womens magazines that have features in and sell your story to the press or just be a case study.
  7. Use your Skills – Can you design a lovely advert, logo or some branding? Then sell your services on sites like Fiverr and Peopleperhour to people willing to pay for your services. It may take a while to build up a decent sort of income but consider all income streams added together
  8. Franchises – Okay so not technically working from home but you can pick your own hours and run the business around you. If you have kids pick a franchise suitable for kids so you can even take your own. There are many franchise opportunities available for mums such as Rhythm time, Creation Station and Jo Jingles. For a full list read my franchise opportunities for mums. If you are looking for something else try Avon for make up or Herbalife for fitness industry.
  9. Online Surfing – Some sites like qmee.com pay you for searching the web. So this is another option to add to your list.
  10. Create your own website and make money off it from Sponsored blog posts from companies to help them with SEO links, create money with Amazon Affiliates or Google ads.
  11. Write your own book. Amazon kindle direct publishing offers you the opportunity to make your own book and have it published with them. Amazon gives you a guide on how to prepare your manuscript and you can get it all published within a short space of time.
  12. Tutoring – If you are great at Maths, English or languages and feel you could be a great educator then why not become a tutor. You can do it online over Skype or online services just sign up to a few online companies. Some other companies offer tutoring opportunities in child’s home when parents are hiring GCSE tutors etc so it does help if you have evenings and weekends free.
  13. Rent out your house – If you have the option to leave your house for a few hours you could rent it out to a location scout for a movie or for photoshoot opportunities or filming. Many TV programmes and films don’t always need fancy mansions, they need normal homes too – Look at the Bill and other crime dramas usually filmed in flats or peoples homes. http://www.uklocations.co.uk is one website you could look at.
  14. YouTube Creator – Are you a make up artists that can inspire others, can you make interesting and funny videos people will watch, are you a gamer that is interact and set up with camera and microphone? Are you a lecturer that can educate and create helpful videos? Then why not create your own youtube channel, gain some subscribers and then monetise your content.
  15. Test websites – Usertesting.com offers you the opportunity to test websites for them and do a variety of tasks and they pay you for it.
  16. Online chatting – You can use your excellent typing skills and also great customer service skills and deal with companies online chat. A good company to try would be thechatshop who offer work from home opportunities.
  17. Do you look baking and cakes? Want to offer buffet options for parties? Then get registered as self employed, get a environmental health check from your local authority and some insurance and you can set yourself up baking cakes from home. Advertise your services on facebook and also Instagram.
  18. Sell your photographs online if your any good at photography to sites like Shutterstock, Getty Images and Istock. You need to take good photos of a variety of things and expect to have to submit quite a few decent images to get a good amount of money.
  19. Are you a creative person? Do you make your own products? Then sell them on sites like eBay and Etsy to raise some money. If you are starting in business also join pinterest and creativity boards to promote your website and products for sale.
  20. Instagram Influencer – ShopStyle collective in the UK helps you earn money for sending your followers to purchase clothing and accessories they like from brands you buy from.
  21. Watch Videos – Companies like swagbucks pay their people points for watching videos. It is pretty monotonous and you don’t get paid much, I think I got about 1p per video but it does build up over time and they offer a range of other things to gain points. If you manage their daily checklist you can build up points quicker.
  22. Social Media Manager – If you know what you are doing on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest you could manage them for small new business or other clients. You can also look at #(town)hours and then find new businesses and contact them and offer them your services. Might be good if you have a bigger following than they do.
  23. Work remotely – Real jobs working from home can be found on sites like workingformums or do a google search for jobs in your local town or type remote into the location field of indeed and your interests in the top.
  24. Mystery shopping – Not as easy as just going to a store and asking a few questions. When I look into it all you had to ring up some places before you went and complete a lot of questions after but if you do travel a bit and like the idea then a few websites include Tern and Marketforce however there are many others you can sign up to.
  25. Review Music – A few sites need feedback on Music such as Slice the pie – The pay isn’t great but again it is an income stream.
  26. Book Keeper – You can sign up to do AAT and once qualified at level 4 usually you can do people’s books from home, you may be able to do it sooner I am not sure. Many companies that are local do outsource book keeping and payroll so you can check indeed or just email local companies direct once qualified. You will have to look into what licensing you need to do accounts etc for people – The AAT website should be your first port of call.
  27. Proof reading – Is your English impeccable? Know your grammar? Then you could probably make some money becoming a proof reader and checking Essays and books for people. You can find these jobs listed on normal job websites or you could contact agencies directly.
  28. Florist / Venue Decorator – Again you do have to get dressed and leave the house but only when there is an event to decorate, most of the work is done online sourcing Brides and grooms and people looking for party decorations. Join local Wedding group planning pages and groups on facebook to find the people looking for your services and register on free directories online. You may even want to showcase your service at wedding fayres.
  29. Childminder – If you like kids and filing out paperwork this could be the job for you. Many local councils offer the training you need, food hygiene online and a meeting with Ofsted to register. Once you pass the courses and have all policies you can use your home to get paid to look after other peoples children.
  30. Assistant – Become a virtual assistant using sites like remote.co and upwork where you can register for writing, admin and customer service opportunities.
  31. Rent out a room – You can bring in extra income if you have a spare bedroom by taking in a paying lodger, You can also earn a set amount tax free so worthwhile checking the gov.uk website.
  32. Gardening – If you love plants and working outdoors then get yourself some leaflets, tools and insurance and set up as a gardener. Again the easons can be a problem but you can always pick up Grotto or promotional work over the xmas period.
  33. Event Planner – Book a venue, get some insurance and advertise your event. If your holding craft markets try and have some form of entertainment, usually kid things work well as they bring in the crowds so ready made buyers and viewers for the products and then all you need to do is be on hand for any problems on the day. Most events would happen weekends anyway so you have through the week free, ideal if your partner works through the week as you can be online while at home. Some other events could include job fayres, business networking events and also craft and gift fayres and trade events.
  34. Declutter your crap and sell on facebook selling sites, ebay or gumtree, or even the local car boot sales. Don’t expect much money for things at car boot sales, people want a bargain at the car boots and will always negotiate you down on price
  35. Voiceover – If you have a good microphone and recording system and the software at home you can sign up to some voice talent agencies, it will help if you can do a variety of voices and accents.
  36. Video Gamer – If you have a PC, XBOX or PS4 you can stream videos to Youtube, twitch or mixer. If you have a consistent schedule, are engaging for the audience, have a good following you may be able to earn money from partnerships or from advertising. It will probably take a lot of time and effort but if you enjoy video games and talking about them it won’t feel like such an effort.
  37. Dog walker – If your interested in animals or maybe have dogs of your own and you want to offer a service to the elderly and cannot walk their dogs or people who work all day but need to get their dog its daily exercise then you can offer that service.
  38. E-Commerce – You can run a business online you just need to decide wat you want to sell and our passionate about or what you think will be a good seller, create a website, add your products to the website, give good descriptions and create a social media presence and then promote the hell out of your business. Add your listing to business directories , create a PR buzz for your business and network with other businesses in your industry. For example if you are a local business selling paper plates and stuff for weddings then it would make sense to network with other wedding businesses so they recommend you to their clients and Visa Versa. Much of business is all one large networking event.
  39. Photographer – As well as selling your images online you could also go along to local toddler groups or group sessions if your good at photographing people and give them some lovely images where they get a link to a gallery to buy more shots. Sessions like pole dancing classes, burlesque and also family portrait sessions will generate money as do weddings but that can be a whole different ball game.
  40. If you have an idea for a solution to a problem or can fix a problem for a company they have websites that pay people to come up with solutions. These are usually more IT and specialist focused but they do range between companies.
  41. Taxi Driver – Another role where you need a driving license and also a license to operate but you can work from home with your own vehicle in the hours you choose.
  42. Licensed chaperones – You need to apply to your local council, fill in an application form, do DBS check and possibly a few courses however you can gain paid work from model and casting agencies once registered on their books. The license will also enable you to help out at local events which is good for the community.

7 thoughts on “42 Ways to make money from Home

  1. I’m already doing two of these, Tutor and event planner, and they work really well from home. In the future I’d really love to write a book.


  2. There are so many here that I at one point wanted to do! My boyfriend and I wanted to be gamers who made a living off of it. I also had other ideas like selling my art and opening up a small business making lip balms! 🤣 Thank you for posting!


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