Netflix: October Review

The dark miserable nights and cold weather mean we stay in more than normal so the perfect chance to Netflix and eat chocolate with the hubby. Here is what we or I recommend on Netflix in October.

Sierra Burgess is a loser – If your a fan of all the boys I’ve loved before that I recommended last month, and you like films such as mean girls and the Kissing Booth that is also on Netflix you will love this. Nice and easy to watch, the story of a bully and unpopular girl. The story is a little bit rubbish as the guy asks for the popular girls number and she gives him the unpopular girls number and then he thinks he is texting the popular girl, however the head cheerleader or popular girl and him go out on a date as her and Sierra have become plans and hatch a plan, then they switch places and he kisses Sierra, but he doesn’t know as they keep his eyes covered. It all comes to a head when she thinks the head cheerleader kisses the guy but she doesn’t he kisses her then Sierra shares a picture on the popular girl Instagram that really embarrasses her. But they make up and then Sierra gets the boy.

Nappily ever after – I seem to be enjoying more films this month on Netflix. I started watching this and noticed Calvin Valentine who used to be on hollyoaks if anyone remembers. Anyway it starts with a girl who is getting her hair straightened by her mum, then the girl grows up and her mum has instilled in her that she has to be perfect to get a man to marry her, like that is the ultimate life goal. Anyway she finds a man she has been with him 2 years and he plans a romantic meal for her and invites her friends and family and she thinks he will propose and he buys her a dog. She is disappointed and then he says well it has been like a 2 year first date because I don’t know anything about you, you act perfect all the time and he never sees her let her hair down, so they split up. Anyway she starts living, shaves off her hair after getting drunk, meets a man who runs a barbershop, gets pally with his young daughter and steps up as a sort of mother figure. She is dancing pretty sexily in her living room when her ex walks up and they end up having sex in the shower and then get back together. This prompts him to propose, however at their engagement party he asks her to fix her hair so although he didn’t want her to be perfect now she wasn’t what he deemed perfect he wanted her back to being perfect in front of people especially his family. So at the party she jumped in the pool, stopped trying to please everyone else and did what she wanted. The moral I think of the film was “Don’t please everyone else because it will make you miserable and it’s fake – Please yourself – Whether that makes others happy or not – Its your life” I thoroughly enjoyed this easy to watch film.

Maniac – We are a couple of episodes in and I am not really sure what is going on other than a man and woman seem to have been recruited for a drug trial. It isn’t hard to follow but then it is hard to follow in the same way Legion was a complete head f**k. I am not sure I like this kind of programme or what the aim is as I usually like a story but I think I need to give it a few more episodes. I just hope it is explained more.

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Fun Mom Dinner – I started watching this as my girlfriends have an evening planned in a few weeks time. It is about a group of school mums who don’t necessarily get along at school but go out on a night out, put their issues behind them, get drunk, wasted, do karaoke and have fun while the men care for the kids at home. If your looking for a feel good, funny film to watch while doing something else or just to chill out too then I can highly recommend. You might also see some friendly and common faces in their.




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