Drayton Manor Review

So we decided to take advantage of the 4 for £80 offer and go to Drayton Manor with the kids last October. We were slightly worried with it being Thomas land that it would be really busy and we wouldn’t get on anything especially in the school holidays.

We were staying in a Lodge from Hoseasons 20 minutes drive away which was being used as the perfect base, Ashby de la zouch. The entry into Drayton Manor was quick, just show phone / print out confirmation and into the park. Turn left into Thomas land and get on the rides, virtually no queues for the whole day.

Our thrill seeker Ruby went on the green roller coaster, Ben 10 which she thoroughly enjoyed even at just 5 years old. The only 2 rides we had to queue for where the Ben 10 coaster for about 10 minutes and the troublesome trucks in Thomas land we queued about 20 minutes. The lady operating one of the rides said in the summer the rides in Thomas land have a 2 hour wait so really we couldn’t have picked a better time to go. Even baby Kylo (8 Months) enjoyed the rides, the high monorail around the park and also the little roundabouts. Summer loved the bulstrode the Barge ride and Ruby and daddy loved the squirting water rides (Joke about daddy – he hates anything where he gets soaked – Just ask him about the time at Gullivers where the water squirter a kid had broke and it was positioned at him for the whole ride! Oops.. )

Anyway there was quite a few rides available and we spent all day going round the park riding on each of them. The only thing we didn’t get to try was the Haunting as we couldn’t really tell what it was and didn’t know if it was suitable for the little one – We also didn’t know how long it would take as the queue was quite long.

We did get to go on 27 rides though at least once so was well worth the £100 we paid for 6 of us to get it. The £20 4 8 offer, £20 for another child and then free for baby. We would definitely go back, but not in the Summer.


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