Emmerdale Studio Experience Review

Any soap star fan will know that the Emmerdale Studio experience is now open in Leeds. They have 2 experiences really, the one in the studios which we went to and then they have the one for the farm and outdoors which you can also go and see. We went when they had a neighbourhood offer on of £5 per person so I took my mum and we went for the 2pm tour.

The studios are easy to find and there is a large area of parking just opposite, you have to park to park with the machine but it isn’t ridiculously priced. Once we had parked we went into the entrance and were given a badge and waited in reception until the rest of the 2pm people arrived and we got out tour guide. The first part of the guided tour is a small cinema room where you watch a quick clip of the soap through the ages, it is great that the tour guide we got seemed like a real fan and like he actually enjoyed the show.



We were then showed around different rooms, like there was one with the cast on the walls, the make up rooms they use and some items from the wardrobes of the characters like one of Val’s iconic outfits. It then brings you out into the hair salon set where you can have a little go with the lighting, it is pretty interesting as because it is shown on the screen that it is in a street but filmed all inside they need to focus on having the right lighting so that was a cool part of it. The next part you go through to the Dingles living room where you can have your picture taken on the couch to buy at the end. Once you have been herded through that section you can have a go at putting some clips and sound in sequence and then you can have a go at filming some script. I liked the fact it was sent to your email for free as normally at places like this they try to charge you for everything.

The next bit of the tour they showed you was when they had the massive helicopter crash, you are in a darkened room watching the film, they had the helicopter in the building from the original set, you also see other different sets such as the café that has changed hands a few times. There is also a miniature size set, as you can see in the picture above of Kylo, it is about toddler size and you can see each of the buildings in the layout of the village. Other areas included having a seat in the pub and you could pretend you were pulling a pint behind the bar or ringing the bell and there were many opportunities to take your own photos. The picture of my mum and Kylo above is taken at the bar.

Overall the tour lasted about 90 minutes and we were with the guide the whole time who was on hand to answer any questions, as we went for a £5 it was fabulous value for money – I might not have felt that paying anymore than £15 but overall it is nice to see the sets although it does take away some of the magic. If you like studio sets check out our review of Harry Potter tour London review .

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