1st Birthday Party Ideas

I have a love/ hate relationship with 1st birthday parties its like woohoo you have got over that awful baby stage where they cry all the time and you have managed the annoying baby stages however you still have another 5 or so years before they are more self efficient. I also don’t see much of the point in Birthday parties for 1 year olds as they won’t remember it, but then again they will have some nice pictures to look back on however I cannot say I would be that bothered if my parents didn’t throw me a party for that occasion. So I asked some other parents what they did for 1st birthday:

Catherine from  https://passportsandadventures.com says “We had a very low-key birthday party at home with my parents who flew over from Dublin and one set of close friends. There was no theme in particular. I got a simple cake from the supermarket and blew up a few balloons. I didn’t want to spend a crazy amount of money on something he’d have no memory of.”


Jess says “We did a Gruffalo theme for my daughters first birthday. We had a Gruffalo themed tea party in the garden and it was a big hit. I made the food myself (just simple party food and cupcakes) and as it was in the garden we just got lots of garden toys and bubbles etc out for the kids to enjoy!” Here website can be found at  www.tantrumstosmiles.co.uk



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