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When we got married 18 months ago we wanted to do what we chose with no input for others, in some ways I guess that is selfish however you have to be sometimes to get the day you want even if others are displeased. So for our day we got married in a Church as the aisles are massive and they just look so pretty, I had a 3 seater car even though it had to do 2 trips because of the number of bridesmaids and ushers etc even with pressure on me to hire a limo, then we hired an assault course and a bouncy castle, we ordered a sweet cart in our purple and grey theme, had a bar for people and the food we really wanted kebabs and pizzas however we got persuaded to have a cold buffet – Unfortunately that was the only bit of the day that was crap and we should have done our own thing. Other than that the guests had a fab time, our son ripped his trousers on the bouncy castle, all the kids ate too many sweets and cake but they burnt off the energy on the castle and we as the happy married couple just focused on dancing with each other, having fun with each other and getting home, being carried over the threshold and then sat eating the cake with my dress on. I think I may have actually slept in it as it was one of those lace up backs that we were too drunk to bother to take off.  Our wedding in total came to around £3000 which I think is enough for one day.

IMG_2769 [Desktop Resolution]

I asked some other couples what they did for their wedding to see if they had any inspiration so here are there special days.

Jade from Mummies Waiting  says “Out theme was Christmas. I made my own bouquet from baubles, my flower girls wore snowman tutus, we had a tree, ‘wrapped presents’, the flower girls sprinkled snowflakes down the isle. For our food we had a Christmas dinner.”


Lianne says “We didn’t really have a theme but we had several quirks from Europe and guns and roses being played on the church organ, a tardis cardbox, album covers for the table numbers and our table decorations were based on beauty and the beasts flower in a vase. We also had our cats photoshopped on our STD’s” Read more about Lianne at


Next we have Geraldine who says “We did Don’t Tell the Bride which was very different from the norm 😉 yes it’s true my hubby made all the decisions and I just showed up 🙌 We had a magician , some flash mobs, a dude who drew our guests (cartoonists) and even Darth Vader popped in.
I always say I would love to have been a guest at my wedding rather than the Bride as it looked like everyone was having a blast ❤️ I was too but as most brides know you spend the day posing and ensuring you spend time with every person who showed up to celebrate your love ❤️
My hubby did an amazing job 🙌”
Find more about Geraldine here


Emma did the abroad wedding. She says “We got married in Santorini last September. Due to the heat we had to get married at 5.30pm. It was absolutely amazing but we only had around 20 guests, which meant a lot of friends and family missed our day. We live streamed the ceremony on Facebook though and had a reception back home.” Read more about Emma at


Sophie from  says “We had an around the world carnival. Samba dancers, drummers, a parade, I Belly danced and the food was a big show too with sharing platters and chef games” Here is a picture of them dancing through the town centre.


Michaela from Adventures of a Yorkshire mum   says “We got married at Leeds Town Hall which is stunning and only had around 20 guests at the ceremony. My dress was handmade by a friend and our cake was made by my mum who is a baker. We had the reception at my parents pub and had a rock band playing music from my dads biker club. All my family cook so we had everyone bringing different food for the table which meant there was tons from Indian to Cornish and my dad bought some Dom Pérignon for us to drink during the toasts but we all prefered the cheaper stuff stocked at their club ha!”


Rebecca had a fab day on a budget, she says “We didn’t really have a theme, but we managed to do our entire wedding for just under £2’000. We had our wedding on a week day in April which is ‘off-peak’ so cheaper than say a February or December wedding. I’m quite creative and artsy so made all of the flower arrangements and table displays myself to keep costs down, I know a seamstress who handmade my dress from materials I chose, our photographs were done by a local photographer who was still building her wedding portfolio and my best friends dad owns a wedding car company. So we were really lucky to get lots of deals and discounts 😊”
Rebecca can be found at


As you can see there is such variety in our Wedding Days and what pleases one might not please another however it is your day so do what you want to do and don’t get pressured, don’t get into debt and just enjoy it because it honestly goes too fast, and unless your like my mum who has been married 3 times (bless her) then you don’t get another chance.




3 thoughts on “Wedding Inspiration

  1. I absolutely love the idea of doing shat you want for your wedding! I’m not married nor am I planning hopping a broom anytime soon. But, I’ve been in and attended a lot over the years. It’s always easy to tell which couple let the masses run the show vs. who did what they wanted. I love Emmas Idea of a destination wedding, reception, and a live Facebook for those back home. That falls in line for what I’ve always pictured doing myself


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