Boost your Blog in 1 Hour

Many people who start a blog then struggle to get traffic and page views, say you are a few months in and you aren’t ranking in google for posts you think were pretty good and might help some people, then lets see what you can do in a spare hour to boost your blog.

First ask yourself if your posts are something people will find interesting, do they review something, do they help people with a problem, do they inspire people, are they relatable for people to read? Some of the best posts to create Pins for would be “10 of the best”, “Simple ways to”, “How to”. These type of posts create an easy call to action to encourage readers to click through.

Second – Go through your old posts, you know the ones when you started which aren’t as good as the ones you have now – Do you have any really short posts? Do you have any that don’t include a few pictures? Have you linked these posts to your pinterest on a variety of boards? Have you requested comments and likes on these posts in Facebook groups?

Thirdly – So I started with one of my blog posts that was about Soft Play. I had done about 250 words about Soft play in Yorkshire and not used a picture. The post was essentially a list of 7 soft play places that I liked and then a bit of text which isn’t helpful so to make it more SEO friendly now I will write a post on each soft play place, I will describe in detail, give more information on the place, what there is there and then add a few pictures. I will also add different pictures underneath each of the paragraphs in the original post and a link to the new posts with hyperlinked text. So for example PlayStation Ossett soft play reviews – Highlight this text and then click the one that looks like a paperclip in your menu then add the URL, it will highlight the text so when someone clicks on it they go to that page. The search engines will read it as this page tells us about the PlayStation at Ossett soft play reviews so when people search for this it will come up.

Fourth – Once you edited your originally post, put in the pictures, hyperlinks and made your text longer. I would also include some other places and try and get my word length to around 2000 as longer posts, so long as the text is relevant, attract more people. So you have your long post with good images you need to promote it. Use relevant Hashtags on Twitter if you are sharing the post their so find your niche. If you are in wakefield post with hashtag of #wakefieldhour, likewise if you are parent blogger #pblogger or if you just want it retweeted to other Mums link it with Mumsnet or Tots100 if you are members of those. It is important to be relevant to the Hashtag and interact with these accounts so they retweet to their followers, especially if the article is helpful and will be informative to their readers.

Five – Create a pin – On Pinterest when you go to Create a Pin, you can use the option to get details from an URL so you could use the URL to your blog post and then choose a relevant picture that automatically comes through from your post. The other option is to use a website like Canva that enables you to create your own pins related to your content. Use your PINS to be relevant to the post though and try encourage your readers to click so Soft play Yorkshire might not do it but if your tag line is 10 Best Soft Play areas in Wakefield it just gives people a better reason to click. If you just posted a picture of a child playing at the soft play it wouldn’t create as much impact. See the below image to the left, child isn’t looking at the camera and the picture isn’t great, the text doesn’t include enough call to action to get the user to click through.


The Pinterest PINs once created and linked to your URL should also include text description of what the user can read on the website, a couple of hashtags to help people search and they should also be posted on specific boards. The Facebook groups that feature Pinterest boards can be helpful in getting people to accept you as a collaborator so then you can post your pins on their boards which receive a good amount of traffic which hopefully if you have good relevant pins can increase the traffic to your own website.

You can help yourself on Pinterest by creating your own boards, getting to collaborate on other relevant boards, adding other peoples pins to your boards if they are relevant, adding your own pins with a call to action linking to your website and constantly updating your boards and uploading new pins to yours and also other peoples boards that have a high level of traffic. You can cycle through your PINS and use the same ones after a period for different boards with different descriptions and you can use schedule sites if you don’t have the time to post them yourself.

4 thoughts on “Boost your Blog in 1 Hour

  1. These are some very useful tips, thanks for sharing. I’m currently going through my old blog posts at the moment and revamping them.


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