Why I love Ikea

So we went to IKEA a few days ago as we bought our house this year and we need to do some renovation work and get an extension next year so a lot of things we cannot do until the extension happens and we get our chimney and walls knocked out but once we can then I have decided how I want the house and have got some inspiration from our trip to ikea. We did spend £100 by accident more than anything as they had a cool wardrobe that I like for our sons new room, and the cutest cutlery for Kylo as he is doing so well feeding himself and also a big boy chair so he can sit at the table like the rest of us instead of in his high chair. So here is my inspiration and I will be following this with renovations to the house and ideas and inspiration in this home category section.


I love this simple tree above that they had. My mum gets a real tree every year with loads of branches and it is beautiful but it makes such a mess. This tree is just simple and ideal to place in a hall way or maybe a second room, it also has lots of space underneath for piling the presents around. We won a competition for a tree a few years ago so have a smallish fibre optic tree that we put in the window for Christmas time, we don’t really bother with anything else as for the last 10 years we have had small children or toddlers who usually pull things off or knock it around and with 6 of us we haven’t got much space until the extension.


The first part of the works is getting rid of the fireplace and chimney that will create a long wall so we can have a set up like the one pictured above, where we have units for the Now TV box, PS4 etc and then boxes the same above the television to store games, DVDS and also books from my studying, even though I would love a library we just don’t have that space available. I am not sure if overly keen on the colour scheme, they did have some high gloss green doors as well which were a lovely mint colour but not sure I like them for the living room.


Pretty expensive at just over a grand and we won’t be able to afford it sadly but I did have a nice lay down on it the other day and it is so comfy I could actually sleep on it, just give me a throw! The cushions are cute, the sofa is comfy and it is long enough for me, sofas are usually too short and I have to bend at the knee as I am 6 foot but this one fits the whole of me, maybe I should start a savings pot for this sofa.


I thought this was so cute for a child’s room. I don’t do rugs in the house but may have to change that as I see so many cute home pictures on Pinterest of Childs rooms and other rooms with carpets or laminate and then large rugs. I especially liked this hopscotch one as it reminded me of childhood. The tiger teddy and books on the wheeled wooden cart are also pretty cute and ideal for a toddler room. I have an interest in wooden toys as they are so durable and strong so I love all this image. With the extension the boys won’t have to share a room anymore so I will have 2 rooms to create.


We also need a new bathroom as ours is so dated, I have lived here 10 years and it just needs a refresh so I like the idea of everything hidden away like in this so you get a drawer with spaces for essentials or non essentials like razors or extra soap and towels or toilet roll. I also like the way it hides away the pipes at the back as I feel it just looks a lot neater.

And no trip to IKEA would be complete without the yummy meatballs – They definitely taste better than they look.


Look out for more house decoration and renovation posts in a few weeks when we attend the Homebuilding and renovation show in Harrogate.


3 thoughts on “Why I love Ikea

  1. This was a great post. I’ve actually only ever been to Ikea once! Managed to leave my handbag in the restaurant / cafe – doh, but picked up so many great items. I was starting to plan for my first place and bought cup, plates, glasses etc.


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