Time Management Advice

So as a part time worker, PTA member, Mother of 4 and also now Blogger time management is thoroughly important to me so I wanted to give you advice for managing your time that I live by.

Meal Plans – This is my big tip. If you write a list on Sunday morning of what you want to eat through the week and then just buy what you need it makes meal planning so easy. I have already created a post about the quick meals to prepare after school that don’t take much effort or time so incorporate these recipes into your daily routine and don’t forget it is okay to feed your kids fish fingers, chips and beans for tea. We do a quick shop on a Sunday morning before it gets busy in the afternoons so we rush round Asda with our handheld scanner and are out before 10:15am.

Kids aren’t hopeless – Our children are 10, 8 6 and 19 months. They are able to do things for themselves. When I was a child my mum did everything for us and when we were 18 me and my brother were hopeless and we didn’t  have a clue. Don’t get me wrong she was a great mum and still is, however she didn’t do our independence any favours so now my kids can clean and tidy their rooms, put washing out, hoover up, dust and also put shopping that gets delivered away. They can also make a simple meal and bake because these are good skills to have. Apparent from the time my daughter tried to dry boil pasta or the time our son tried to put cheese on toast in the toaster but I guess they have to learn – Just make sure you are there to supervise.

Cleaning – Remember your house isn’t a show house and no one is coming round to check you have hoovered and dusted this week so just do the minimum each day and have a full clean a couple of hours at the weekend or one evening. Get your clothing in the washer on a morning or even a night before you go to bed and then get the washing out and straight on radiators or on the line in a morning, I usually get up at 6am so I have an hour to potter around before the kids are up. In this time I check social media, write a blog post, sort the washing and get myself ready for the day.

Routine – I think once you are in a routine with everything it is easier to keep to. We have kids classes most evenings after school apart from Monday (I love Mondays) and I have to taxi the girls around but while I am waiting for them in their classes I read my study book, or a book that I want to review or some blog posts to make sure I stay productive (of course sometimes I just end up browsing facebook or twitter for an hour) but I do try to be productive in the down times when I am just waiting around. On a weekend I try and get the boring stuff out of the way Sunday morning or Saturday morning so I can relax for these 2 days or we can go out as a family and do family stuff together.

My whiteboard – I love it, I love that it is next to my calendar in the kitchen so I know what needs doing and I can wipe off when they get done. My calendar gets written on whenever I need to do something, so if the daughters have rehearsals they are written on the calendar, as well as parents evenings, anything we have committed to go to and the same for everyone in the household. Plans are important to getting everything done and making sure you hit targets so make sure you set goals and plans to meet them.


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