Want Paid / Review blogger work?

I realise some people do blogging just for the creative outlet and some people blog just to make money, I am somewhere in the middle. I write about what I want to write about, I have turned down paid opportunities as they don’t fit in with my blog or because I don’t like the products or the services aren’t suitable and that’s more to do with me. I realise some people need to take all paid opportunities as this is their job so this should help you find opportunities. These are the sites I have come across in my short time of blogging.

One of the sites you can register with for opportunities is Get Blogged. If you use my referral code below I even get a few points for referring you. You simply fill in your blog and social media details and then register your interest in the Opportunities available. The higher your DA it would seem the higher the pay.


For Twitter and paid opportunities I think it can be more tricky but not impossible, just use the search bar and click for relevant hashtags such as #prrequest #bloggerswanted Sift through all the bloggers requesting things and then find the genuine opportunities. Twitter has an awesome thing called lists where you can save the profiles of people posting on their with PR opportunities so even if your DA isn’t high enough now you can save their information for later or you could always send them a quick email or DM saying that you saw their post on twitter and would be interested in being added to their list for PR opportunities. I have had a few that have contacted me where they haven’t been the right opportunity but I just email back politely and say it isn’t for me. That is another thing – I think responding politely and explaining that you aren’t suitable shows you care and want to create a good impression.

Facebook Groups – Their are quite a few Facebook groups depending on where you are based such as UK opportunities group and also a Yorkshire Opportunities group, just search blogger opportunities in your search bar on Facebook and you will come across the groups. If you join these you will get access to the opportunities available. Many of these have mailing lists to get added to so they can message you in the future. It is surely worthwhile to register and if you get nothing then you have only lost a minute of 2 signing up. Some of these are just for the product only for review but they can be fabulous opportunities. My daughter had a product she absolutely loves so it was worthwhile doing the videos and review, but I wouldn’t do a review of a product that we didn’t actually like.

Instagram Influencer groups – Some of the groups you can join on facebook have influencer opportunities but most of the ones I have come across so far have been when you needed to buy the product to review, which is fine if you were buying the product anyway as you get a discount but if you weren’t then essentially your just becoming a customer with a discount so I am not keen on that. However if TK Maxx are reading this and will offer me a discount on dresses to add to the 60 dresses I already own from their in my wardrobe I will promote them all day long 😉 Likewise with Cadbury Oreo people 🙂 I am buying it daily anyway.

Events – I made a few connections when I went to an event for Bloggers and they are around. The Curve fashion event that I posted about a few days ago is a way to connect with brands, Toy Fair, Nursery Fairs, Blogon and Spring Fair are all ways to interact with PR companies of brands. Another way is approaching brands you use and like and asking if you can review their products, send in your media kit with information about you, your pictures and also social media information, page views etc and see if you hear back.

Connections – Networking and making connections so people will remember you and recommend you if they don’t fit the criteria or are too busy to do the post. I met some great other bloggers at blogon, some from other Counties in the UK, some in a different niche and have connected with them after, Twitter is also a great place to build your network and engage with other bloggers and to find opportunities as many bloggers retweet opportunities.

Influence.co + Tomoson are 2 websites that sent either daily or weekly notifications looking for influencers but you can also join other sites, add your links and wait for opportunities to work with brands. If you hit a huge number of influencers especially on Instagram in the fashion and beauty arena you can join some management agencies now taking on influencers. Some influencer agencies or websites do ask for a large number of followers before you join but just keep a list so when you reach that number you can be added for more opportunities. A simple google search of blogging opportunities, bloggers wanted UK should also help your search.

Researching – Say you want to work with a specific toy brand, then do your research, find them on social media, see which PR company they use and then contact them, introduce yourself, don’t ask for things. You need to sell yourself and what you can do for the brand before you start asking for things, so give them your credentials such as how many followers you have, what niche, the niche that your followers engage with, your engagement scores (which you can find on social bluebook) and then some information about the services you offer say like YouTube videos or Pinterest posts, blog review posts or sharing of images on Twitter and Instagram, even competitions. Then ask if you can be added to their list and if they have any current opportunities.

The Blogger Programme – I haven’t had any opportunities from this website yet as my following doesn’t ever seen to meet the criteria – You seem to need around 3-5k on Instagram to be suitable and then apply for the Campaigns but you can sign up for an account before that and keep checking back at the opportunities.

Bloggers Required – They do have a group on Facebook, a website you can sign up to and I like the fact they send emails out of new opportunities so you don’t have to keep checking back. I haven’t had anything from them yet but it is all about writing a pitch so that the brands pick you to work with.


6 thoughts on “Want Paid / Review blogger work?

  1. This was super helpful! I’ve never heard of getblogged before but I’ll definitely be using your link to sign up. The blogging event tips is a great one also. There’s lot of events to attend here in Dallas that I should look into


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