Getting Your Business Out There

When you start a business there seems to be so many different ideas come into your head about what to do, many people suggest having a business plan or some form of goals which can be a great idea but lets be honest most people just get on with it rather than writing plans and goals so if your one of those people who just started your website one day, added some profiles on social media and then wondered what the hell they were doing next – This post is for you.

So you have your product say Children’s headbands for example but you know that brands like Claire’s and bigger brands will beat you hands down on google, Bing and Yahoo search engines so you have to come up with different options. You could have a solution that would mean you were more niche and personalised say offering bands that fit in with a child’s school uniform that could be personalised or think of a different outlet to showcase your products.

In research look at the people you need to get in front of with your product – If your selling headbands with Unicorns on for example then your target market of girls who like pretty things so where would you target those parents? Maybe at local toddlers groups / schools / activities your own children attend. If a local magazine goes out to parents of local schools and you have a business targeted at school children then surely it would be worthwhile having an advert. I am on the PTA of our local school and we have a calendar that goes out at the end of the year and also many sponsor opportunities for parents with businesses, the cost is about £30 and you reach all those parents that are at that school. Many PTA’s are social people looking for businesses to sponsor with products aimed at children.

Other outlets for your sales. If your just posted with the aim of getting higher in google you could be wasting time especially if you don’t have the budget and your keywords are competitive, when you could have been looking at other avenues such as Amazon, Etsy, Ebay or even Facebook Groups. If you have headbands and sell on Facebook groups and have a page on their then offer a competition to win headbands or a competition looking for models for them – Speak to people on Mumsnet and Netmums and go to where parents are because that is your target. You know yourself as a mum where you go when your kids need something.

Pinterest is also a good idea for pretty products but you need a call to action to make people click on your website – It isn’t enough having a pretty picture of a headband without a reason why people should click or an offer that is good enough to entice them. You could even contribute to boards that exist for the headbands and then create hairstyle videos on Youtube featuring your products.

Influencing on Instagram – It is something I hadn’t heard about or noticed before I joined Instagram but many brands post looking for ambassadors for their products for kids and they seem to create a large following just looking for ambassadors, then once they have them and sent them some products that should showcase more of your products.

The point of this post is that sometimes it isn’t all about google. It is easy to get disheartened when your website isn’t moving up the rankings but just find different keywords to rank for, different ideas to find your target market or different places to sell at. I mean even School Fayres are another example to market children’s products at. So be everywhere, try everything, sometimes it takes a few goes to find your space.



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