Reach for the sky…

Today is all about achievements and how we should reach for the stars and do whatever to get to where we need to be. We all have dreams, goals and ideals that we would like to meet. When I was younger I wanted to be a model but my body shape was more hour glass and my teeth weren’t straight and perfect, my nose is a touch bent and I have freckles around my face so that was never going to happen. I was a confident youngster though and always wanted to be on stage, to perform and put on shows at Christmas for the family but my parents never sent me to stage schools or auditions. Then when I was a little older I got interested in property, when I started work at 15 in local pizza shops I started saving all my wages so I could become a property developer. I did all my research, watched all the programmes and then fell pregnant at 18 so all my savings went on rent and baby products. I have always enjoyed Maths, Problem solving and personal finance but there doesn’t seem to be a job I would enjoy in that. I love public speaking and that is something I would love but you never see that advertised on Indeed do you and also what would I talk about? What am I good at? I feel like I am good at Business, I can talk about sales and I could probably motivate but I suppose getting into all that is hard. What were your goals when you were young and what were your dreams?

So now here I am approaching 30, with 4 kids, a husband and a home of my own but still no clue as to the path I am taking. I am a little wiser than when I was 18 I know what I like – Speaking, Communicating, sharing knowledge, finances, property and also accounts but then I also have an interest in the TV world and promotions type things so I want to explore it all. I do wonder whether we need a clearly defined path. On the journey that is life shouldn’t we explore and at least try and achieve our goals. I went to my graduation ceremony and met so many different people yesterday who were achieving their goals on their terms around family life and other personal set backs and issues going on in their lives. These people were inspirational about the fact that if you have a dream, goal and destination in mind you will get there, it was a great event for realising that everyone is different, they have different life paths and different goals and it was great to be a part of their experiences for this yesterday.

So now to this week and boy have I had a busy week – Cut down on all my hours at work so I could do the job I wanted to do and only that which is Accounts. I passed my difficult exam for my accounting course and then today I had my graduation ceremony.  I have worked my bum off for 4 years working part time with 4 children and today was my day to be thoroughly proud of myself,not to brag or show off but to be immensely proud of the work I have put in that has let to this day. I am an ambassador for learning and for learning what interests me. I love business, finance, property and anything to do with these I love to learn so today I passed with a BA Honours in Business Management and I am delighted.

I also got taken on by a casting agency this week, I have always wanted to be on Tv and films so thought this would be an ideal opportunity – I mean I am 30 next year and I want to explore things and do stuff I enjoy. Life is too short and what I am realising more and more is that it is about the journey rather than the destination. My husband is a prime example – He wanted to drive a truck when he was a kid – He now loves driving a truck and has his goal. And that’s great when you enjoy something and it isn’t a job and I support him in that and just doing something he loves. So my advice today is reach for the stars and don’t stop until you get what you want and enjoy the journey that is life.

One thought on “Reach for the sky…

  1. Wow! Congrats on being taken on my the casting agency! 🙂
    My husband is a truck driver too. He’s finding the transition from a desk job to truck driving a challenge but is otherwise loving it!
    Libby |


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