Review: Plus Plus Building Sets

Plus Plus Building Sets are ideally for children to get creative, learn hand eye co-ordination and also help them follow instructions to create either a Boat, Robot, Headband or many of the other creations the sets include.

I had never heard of Plus Plus until this year when I was introduced to them at BlogonToys and we were given some to try. So we received a few different sizes of packs. They do 2 age groups – The first pieces are 50mm and suitable for ages 1-6  years and the others are 20mm pieces recommended for age 5+ . They have a variety of different packages such as boxes and tubes where you can make different creations. My son and daughter had a competition with a headband and a Robot.

These products are ideal as main presents and also as stocking fillers with a price point from £4 + and can be bought from DKL Toys website or Amazon.

I like these building pieces as they are all the same size in a jigsaw style piece and the designs they make are different, creative and also 3D. My daughter had  a lovely headband and ring set and my son made a boat and robot, once he got the hang of the instructions. I think the instructions were a little confusing for a child as they include having to fold parts into one and the outlines of the pieces aren’t clear on some instructions which can make it tricky.


If you have a child who is fabulous at building why not try other large gift boxes which vary in size. There is a 170 piece kit, 220, 360, 480 and 760. They also have a small range of big Plus-Plus items which you will come across when browsing the range.

Look forward to our videos next week of the other sets that are available to purchase for Xmas presents. We have something for everyone.

(Disclosure: These sets were gifted for a review, however this doesn’t sway my review and it is an honest review of the products given – This page also includes links to where you can buy the products and these will direct you to another website that may take cookies and other information I cannot be held responsible for)

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