Starter SEO for Business / Blogs

So you have a website and that is great, it looks all pretty but now you need to get traffic to it. What are the main sites driving traffic to your website? The search engines. Good. So now we need to get your website on google – This can be tricky. Many people promise to get your business to page 1 of google, with the right amount of money you can do that yourself with google ads. You just decide which keywords you want to rank for, say for example ‘Wedding Ideas’ go to google adwords, create a campaign for wedding ideas and then link it to your wedding ideas page on your website and sure enough that will drive traffic, however it will be a very popular keyword phrase so the cost for people to click could be pretty high, it could be £10 per click so every time someone clicks through to your website you will be charged £10, it can be kind of costly. You may then want to target some less popular keywords but still related to your website theme so if you were to talk about weddings and you sold wedding decorations, lets look for some keywords.

So if you had variations such as gold wedding decorations, silver wedding decorations they may be easier to rank for. If you search those in google then see how many results you get back and check out the websites on the first page ranking for those keywords, that is what you are up against.

To get to the first page of google you need to decide your keywords. If your a blogger posting about kids toys for example and you wanted to post Top ten gift ideas for toddlers that may get around 1000 searches a month near Xmas, to rank for that you will have to create links for authoritive and quality sites that have the words ‘top ten gift ideas for toddlers’ hyperlinked and then pointing to the URL of the page on your website. This is called building a link to your website. You will need to do this lots of times, so build these connections, get your business or blog listed on all the online directories, get networking with other bloggers, write guest posts. Once your own website gets bigger you can create links within your own posts linking to your other posts using the hyperlink text to send the reader to relevant pages. The hyperlinks also tell the search engine robot that the page you are linking to is about gifts for toddlers. You will probably get penalised if it doesn’t as that could be seen as spam so try to make sure your links are relevant to the page and they help the customer.

I used to do a quick search for Wedding Decoration keywords and they showed the level of competition too so well worth a look at that site. If you try and create a google ad campaign they will also help you with competition and also which keywords will be easier to rank for, however the easier to rank for keywords will usually have the lowest traffic. It is still worthwhile trying to rank though, any traffic is good traffic so long as it is relevant.

So the 5 steps are this:

  • Find your relevant keywords
  • Check out the competition / competitors for keywords
  • Narrow your keyword phrases
  • Build links to your relevant pages – Guest posting / directories
  • Add links from your posts to other posts + Share posts on Socials
  • Continue checking google analytics and ranking software to see if your website is ranking anywhere on google and also what it is ranking for.

Keep going with SEO – It is an ongoing effort but keep networking, building your links, researching and you will get there.


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