Mum.Blogger.Worker.Wife – The Supermum illusion!

Some people just seem to handle anything and your amazed they have time to do it all and seemingly so effortlessly, you on the other hand don’t even have time for a nice relaxing bath and to spend a few hours reading a book. Don’t worry I don’t get bath time to myself either, there is always a child wanting a poo or to come in and read some mundane kids book to me but I do have a part time job, a serious hobby, I blog, have 4 kids and also study so how the hell do I function? How do I remember everything? Am I supermum? Hello, No. My secret is a calendar, a whiteboard and I pretty much never brush my hair – I do however manage to brush my teeth everyday – twice!

So the whiteboard is essentially, anything you need to do, whatever jobs whether it is book parents evening, book doctors, MOT, everything goes on the whiteboard and is crossed off once completed. The calendar goes next to the whiteboard, it lists all hobbies and classes for the kids each week. I find the boxed calendar is the most helpful for actually having space to write in. All my kids have weekly classes that need noting down, classes especially near the end of the year have more rehearsals and then shows so these are noted down on the calendar. Anything I see on social media is screenshotted on my phone to go through Friday evening so I don’t miss anything that may be on that weekend that we can do as a family. Any holidays I may see online that I fancy are taken pictures of on my phone so I can have the reference for later. If I think up a good idea for a blog post while out and about or first thing in the morning or late at night I will text myself a message with the idea on so I have it as usually by the time I come to write I have forgotten all about it!

Manage your time – It is difficult and a trick is not to say Yes to everything or every offer you get, that is if you get any offers – I have so far had 1 offer in the last 5 weeks and that is for a date about 6 weeks away because mums are crap, we have our own busy lives and we meet up with friends when we can fit them in that means we have to book dates well in advance in our calendars to fit around work and the kids. Although I do like the quality over quantity nights out so that is good.

Meal times can be quickened up by having ready meals through the week, freezing meals or just getting quick cook things where you shove in the oven. It can also be useful to throw everything in a slow cooker and let it cook while you are all out so that it becomes a no effort tea and one pan to wash up and a few plates.

Tips for time management – Break it down by the days and times so first of all colour in your working times. Then you know your other commitments like kids clubs so swimming, karate, ballet, dance class etc including travel time to get there, waiting around and collection times. Then think about what else you need to do such as blogger – Break this up into social medias, writing, building links and SEO and devote a certain period of time to each. Then you can relax all the other times and enjoy your freedom and space, well as much as you can as a parent.



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