How to get work Experience when your young

Many young people struggle when they finish high school or University in not gaining any work experience to show potential employers and as we know many job descriptions now ask for experience and also qualifications so how can you overcome this situation that you need experience to get a job but you can’t get a job with no experience.

  • Apprenticeships – Okay the wage isn’t that great and the hours are long but if you like something specific such as a trade this is a perfect opportunity to gain experience while learning because you are actually doing the job, you get employed at a business and paid a wage, you study at college usually one day a week depending on the course and then you work in paid employment so this gives you experience, qualifications and also a reference if you do a good job. Many apprenticeships are available and you can find more
  • Duke or Edinburgh Award – This scheme and award encourage youngsters to try new activities and interests and gain the awards of Bronze, silver and Gold. You start at age 14 and work through the programme. Skills include teamwork, social interaction, communication skills and it also shows your commitment.
  • PDSA – I know my girls both love animals and from 14 you can volunteer with the PDSA. You can work with animals and gain that experience and also work in their shops to gain retail experience which is great to add to your CV especially if you want to progress onto University and maybe graduate retail management.
  • Barnados – In their stock rooms and retail stores they have opportunities for the young to gain retail experience, manage to work in a team and also learn about stock control which are good skills for working in a store or supermarket in the future and will look good on your CV.
  • BHF – From 15 you can volunteer for the British heart foundation or even younger than that you can fundraise for them. If you have a child that is full of money making ideas and they want to make a difference and fundraise then that is also good for their CV. Showing they can come up with ideas, organise things and be creative are fabulous skills to have.
  • Army Cadets – You need to be over 12 to join the Army Cadets and they offer a range of fun outdoor activities to people who join. It will be great on your CV to show you are getting yourself out there, taking opportunities, being social and are willing to commit to something. To find out more info here:

It really does depend on what your young person is wanting to do once they leave school. Like many people it is hard to know what you want to do in the future when you are young but having some idea of what you enjoy can be helpful. Most of the skills you learn while volunteering are transferable so you can use them in other roles. Skills that are common include Team work, communication, customer service and also organisation.

One thought on “How to get work Experience when your young

  1. As someone coming out of university I had no idea about a lot of these! I really wish I could have read this post a few years back. You’re so right, it’s so hard to know what you want to do at such a young age but any of these are actually really valuable experience regardless. Thank you for the post!! xx


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