Quick guide to Social Media

Love it or hate it social media is necessary for so many things. When you google something just to find out the information is on facebook or the only contact they have is through social media then you need to create some accounts, for business it is pretty much essential unless you have a business where you are just known and always in demand like a funeral director or supermarket.

So when you own a business you need social media to promote yourself and your business you need to cover all bases. Now depending on what your product or service is where you should focus your attention. Do you sell clothing? Then maybe Instagram is the place for you – Ask for influencers to wear your clothing, take photos and place on their Instagram tagging your shop and business page in so that you are creating a buzz around your shop and products. Fashion also works well on Pinterest and by creating pretty fashion boards and linking to the pages to buy on your website will help gain more traffic to your business. Think of Pinterest as a photo search engine so people can look for a pretty purple dress and get loads of images, they click on what they like and can then choose your pin and click through to your website. Also while on Pinterest create boards for each type of clothing so you may have a fashion products board and then sub categories for dresses, trousers, accessories etc.

What if you offer something to a customer so for example Party Supplies, it would be good for your website to attach a blog so you can link all your products to blog posts describing what they are. So if you sell Transformers party supplies and have a blog post about boys parties and then write the word Transformers party supplies, then you hyperlink that text to the page that sells them which helps SEO and directs the people reading your blog to the relevant page to find what they are looking for. Consumer goods like party supplies, cakes and services have a good reach on Facebook pages as you can post creative pictures, give inspiration through party ideas for kids, even offer local people or far away chances to win a competition through liking and sharing your page. Competitions seem to work well on facebook especially if you offer something like photography, many parents jump on board at the chance of a few pictures so if you organised a free cake smash shoot as you wanted pictures for your blog many people would probably add their name to your post and like your page and it would probably cost about £200.

Twitter is great for B2B, not as good as LinkedIn but twitter is more fun and quick. There are many hours on twitter were people use Hashtags to connect at certain times of the week for example we have #yorkshirehour one evening between 8-9pm where all Yorkshire business shares each others tweets, it also helps people connect. The great thing about twitter is the community feel, there is always a hashtag for your niche, you just have to find your people and the relevant hashtags. For bloggers then the #bloggersrequired is a good hashtag to find work, if you want to create videos on youtube then look at #smallyoutuberarmy for connecting with other similar people.

Remember it is not an easy process to grow your followers – It takes hard work and lots of time but with persistence, trial and error and dedication it can be achieved. Good Luck.

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