Kids Model Agencies UK

So I am starting my hunt again for model and casting agencies for the girls. We have new pictures and have a little experience now we have attending some castings, been film extras, done some youtube videos and also starting acting, singing and dancing classes so will see if we can find an agent. We did sign up with @starcasting Leeds but haven’t had anything come up as yet but hey we are only 2 months in. Here are the other agencies UK that accept children.


Allsorts Agency

BMA models

Bonnie and Betty

Sandra Reynolds

MOT Models

Alphabet Kids (Need to be within 1 hour of London)

Elliott Brown Agency

Bruce and Brown

Elisabeth Smith


Grace and Galor

Kids London


Tiny Angels

Leeds – Sheffield

StarCasting UK

Mentor Model Agency – Chesterfield

Face Model and Casting


MMA Model Agency

Bizzykids – Website says £190 fee from 0-16 years for the whole duration of being represented


Nemesis Models

ALAN Sharman Agency – Birmingham

Boss Casting

Impact casting

Seven Agency

Have I missed you off? Please get in touch to be added to the list.




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