Review: My Fairy Light Garden

Summer had the my fairy garden for last Christmas so she was very excited when they gifted her the My fairy light garden to try out. This is a great set that retails at about £30 in Amazon, Smyths Toys, Argos and others. The set contains a lovely house for your fairies, 2 fairies called Elvie and Heather, the cutest little hedgehog, a wooden bridge and a Unicorn. To decorate your garden you receive a flag banner to put together, some colourful gravel and then stickers to decorate so it helps creativity and also hand eye co ordination to put the parts together. For unboxing check out Summers video here:

Once you have been creative and put all your garden together then it is time to put on your grass seeds (provided) so essentially the only thing you need is soil and water. Once you have put your garden fence in you can also put in the pretend flowers provided to make it look pretty and then sprinkle your grass seeds, mix in with the soil and water – I am hoping this is easy to grow as I am not the best myself with flowers so we wait a few days and sure enough grass starts to grow and we end up with a beautiful garden. The other really cool bit with this is the fact it lights up the little house as seen below. We would definitely recommend the My Fairy Light Garden for any young girls that love pretty creative things this Christmas.


A few days later….


We have some grass – It looks beautiful and if you blow through the little house the candle all lights up, blow again and it goes out. It makes a lovely windowsill decoration for the girls bedroom – Just needs a little water daily and your grass will grow, so easy even we can even do it with Summers crazy seeding method.


Thanks for reading and hope you love the My Fairy Light Garden just as much as we did.


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