Xmas 2018 Stocking Fillers

Only another 85 days or so until Xmas so it helps to look at what we can buy our kids as stocking fillers. These are just some of the toys that I think look brilliant for kids this Christmas based on what my children would like.

Thomas flip and learn phone – Around £12 retail price. This is great especially for toddlers, I know my 19 month old loves holding my phone to his hear and walking around the house chatting away. It is a chunky phone so easy for them to handle, It includes Thomas sound effects and also has an answer backlit screen. Ideal for age 18 months plus and helps with number recognition. Available from Amazon.

Thomas flip and learn phone

If you love scented plushes look no further than the Sweet Pups range. My daughters will love these 12 to collect scented plush pastries that when you turn them inside out reveal an animal. These are available to buy around £8-10 from Amazon and Claire’s Accessories.

Sweet Pups

Paint Sticks – Recently saw these at Blogon – The paint dries in 90 seconds so they make no-mess (Ideal for me as I always worry about kids and paint activities) At around £6 for 12 sticks they couldn’t be better value for money. They have a range of different colours and packs of different sizes to suit your budget.


Paint Sticks

Fingerling Minis – Summer, My 8 year old loves these and wants to collect these Mini ones now, there are several to collect and some mystery ones. They are available from Amazon and many other places at £8 for a pack. Each pack comes with Figure, charm and bracelet. They are ideal pencil toppers.


Plus Plus Blocks have many different price points for each of their packs. They are essentially jigsaw piece shaped building blocks and you can make all sorts of creative things such as Princesses, Boats or even Robots. You can buy a pack from Amazon for £8 upwards depending on what you want to create. Suitable for ages 3 years + . We had a competition with plus plus blocks girls against boys to create a robot or a pretty headband – Watch our Video here:


Plus Plus blocks can be bought from Amazon here:




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