Netflix : What to watch September Review

GOTHAM – So we started September watching Gotham. There are quite a few episodes to this series so it does take a few nights to watch. I feel that in the middle around episodes 11/12 it is just getting silly, we have a lady that can kill people by scratching them and essentially they turn into flowers and why is Bruce Waynes house so under guarded? – Like pretty much anyone can just walk in. They do seem to be rushing through the bad guys, so each person will pop up for two episodes then be dealt with and move on. I do like the cleverness that has been shown with Penguin / Falcone / Gordon though I thought that was some clever story writing as I was trying to guess what would happen constantly.

The next scenes with Poison Ivy and Mr Falcone getting killed are pretty good storylines and the twist of Miss Falcone is creepy, she is obviously a clever woman but she underestimates all her opponents. The stories in this series are cleverly put together and they involve all the characters pretty well. I also like the development of Jim Gordan.

Well it ended on a weird note of Jim and Wayne pointing a light in the Sky, the ending was pretty good. My only bugbear is why doesn’t anyone ever die in this programme, even those that are killed just come back to life somehow and you end up with hundreds of characters and you forget who is on whose side. I quite enjoyed watching the relationship with Lee and Ed-nigma , I thought they were so cute. Can’t wait for the next series.

Sex and the City 2 – This for me didn’t have the excitement and fun I remembered from all the series of Sex and the City. I enjoyed the long anticipated first movie but I think that maybe they should have stopped their. It was a bit far fetched a man just inviting Samantha for a job to do nothing. There also didn’t seem to be much Sex in the City this time either. Some of the characters weren’t around much, but I guess the focus was just on the woman on holiday. It also seemed a little sad compared to the last film and also the series before.

Iron Fist – Series 2 – I really enjoyed the first series so was thrilled when they announced the second one. Well the first two episodes were just confusing as hell. Apparently Davos and Danny had a duel in which one of them won the Iron Fist and now Davos who has joined up with Joy is wanting to get the Iron Fist back and going to great lengths to get it, you kind of get to the point where you think ‘seriously man just get over it’. Anyway still another few episodes to go, I only hope it gets better and has a better storyline. I can’t wait to see what Joy and Davos are planning to do to Danny and Ward in the business world.

Well that Davos was bad news, I didn’t really like his character, he played a good bad guy though – I also loved the ending and I like Colleen as the new Iron Fist, the ending with the glowing fists and 2 guns was different though I wasn’t expecting that. I must say the series got better as It went on and I cannot wait to see what happens when they find out who sent the shipment.

Sisters – Tried to get into this. The first episode pretty much introduces you to the three sisters and their lives. One is having marriage trouble, one seems to be enjoying one night stands and the other is a presenter and her family/ friends think she has a drug addiction as she faints on set. They realise a doctor has been impregnating people with his own sperm, many of the clients had children so he has many children. The dad doctor is poorly and laid in bed while his daughter and friend try to understand what has happened. Then all the siblings meet and 3 are sisters. I haven’t had much time this month to get into it all as there are quite a few series out but I think I will keep watching and see how this develops.

To kill a mockingbird – I remember reading this book at school in English and I saw it by accident on Netflix and saved it to my watch list. I am not a huge fan of black and white movies but I thought I would give this one a go and it was well worth a watch.

3 thoughts on “Netflix : What to watch September Review

  1. We love watching Netflix together in our house but often struggle to agree on something that’s ‘family friendly’ that we can all watch together. We’ve ended up on Amazon this month — they’ve got some good series. Lucifer and The 100 are ones to watch. Thanks for sharing 😊
    Libby |


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