Extra Curricular Activities for kids

So I like my kids to be active and have other interests outside of School, Netflix and Xbox systems, I tried to include a round up of after school activities, many of these are franchises or groups you can find similar of throughout the Country.

Creation Station – Love arts and crafts but don’t want the mess in your own house? Why not try out creation station. They have classes from baby age right through to the older kids. Many of the toddler and baby sessions are throughout the daytime and they cover baby in a full body overall and do some fun painting and learn about textures.

Baby Ballet and dance Classes – Many local studios are offering dance classes depending on what you want to get out of it. I struggled to find sessions for my kids that were suitable in teaching them the act of dancing while being fun it was either so serious they didn’t want to attend or too relaxed that they weren’t getting anything from it. So now they do gymnastics, ballet and cheerleading with a group that is someway between learning and doing shows and also being fun.


Tennis Tots – There are many different kinds of sports clubs available, many football camps run after school or on Saturday mornings to teach kids different football tactics. Other sports clubs include Tennis tots, Rugrats Rugby and Kwik Cricket classes on a weekly basis over the year when in season. Most of these classes are between £5-8 per session and you pay per term rather than weekly.

Swimming – My son loved this, the girls couldn’t progress as wouldn’t put their heads under. You can do far with swimming as most local areas have swim meets for people who want to start competitive swimming. Bradley got to stage 7 and tried the meets but decided he didn’t want to compete so that was the end of that hobby. Some lessons are around £5 (local councils) and then £8 -12 for independent swim companies lessons.

Acting classes – Lots of these 3 hour companies are popping up all over now at around £30 a week for 3 hours. I tried with both my girls and didn’t find the opportunities that great, most also include paying to join an agency if you want to gain work from them and the shows that I saw and that my girls were in weren’t that brilliant compared to other schools, luckily they are now at an acting company where the teacher just does it because she loves teaching acting.

Karate / Martial Arts – I liked these classes for listening and discipline, you also have to be bloody fit to do them. Usually if you find a good school you can attend weekly and advance through the belts. The more you train, the better you get, the higher grade belt you receive.


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