How to be PR Friendly

So you have started a business, you have created a website and you are ready to go, a few days pass by you have no sales and after a week you start to become disheartened. You spend £300 advertising in the local paper or a magazine and only generate a couple of orders the first month, you talk to friends about your business but other than congratulate you no one places an order, you start to wonder why you bothered and then think about giving up -Sound familiar?

Well- Don’t! First we need to make sure we have all social media in place so create your accounts on Facebook / Twitter / Pinterest / Instagram  and also YouTube if your products or services lend themselves well to video. So now you have those all linked to your website we can start posting content, any new products or services, give details about who we are and what we offer. Then realise people don’t just want to be sold to, they want answers to questions, they want inspiration and they want something to entertain them. So focus on what you offer – I had a business that sold Wedding Supplies so I wrote a few blog posts, every website needs a blog with all social media plugged in so once you post to the blog it sends the post to all your medias for followers to read, so post the blog post that helps people. ‘Our Wedding products’ isn’t going to cut it so think of a catchy title ‘Colour theme ideas for your wedding’ or ‘Wedding on a budget’ so now if you are writing your blog post and write purple napkins – You can hyperlink that text so when clicked it will link to your page that sells purple napkins, good for SEO as well and it tells google that purple napkins is what you want that page to rank for. So if I posted about party ideas for girls  then highlight text and add link – Simple. Before hyperlinking it is worthwhile wanting to know what you want to rank for in GOOGLE and BING searches for first so you can see how much traffic the keywords receive. That is a whole other lesson in itself, google SEO to read more about that.


So now we have added a blog, created some content on it to inform and help people and sent that to our social media sites. Then next we engage with people on social media, so follow people who you think will be in your target audience, join groups on facebook where your target customers may be, also follow people on Instagram that use similar hashtags. PIN your images created in Canva on Pinterest and link back to your blog articles, move your PINS into different boards, save more pins to your created board, add new pins all the time and repin your pin to different boards. The more pins you have with the solutions and good content the more traffic you should generate. The next is to get talking to people online about your brand, why they should buy from you, what solution your product or service will have, how you can help people.

The next bit about coming PR friendly – So you want to create free press about your business,  think about anything newsworthy that you could relate to yourself. I had 3 kids when I started my business, childcare was very expensive so I chose to focus on how I worked around childcare and sought out that type of article in the press. Mumpreneur I think was the title I liked around 5 years ago, I guess times have changed but find your story within yourself. If your service is good from a social point of view then let people know, write a press release and distribute to local newspapers and magazines, they may ignore you but if they say Yes, then you have some free publicity. I would also advise checking out places like Netmums media request board, Twitter with #prrequest hashtag and also just google PR opportunities as some journalists have lists of people, once you start networking with people and letting them know you are available they will get in touch with you. Over the years I did radio interview, local paper, local magazines and also the national papers. It is also worthwhile contacting the Help sections in magazines, I think it used to be the mirror who did a business advice section, you wrote in with your question and they published the question and the expert answer, but it had the website details in it so was worthwhile.

Also if you have a product lets say you created a board game or a new line of T-Shirts or even a kids toy why not create a Buzz by finding some people to review it, many bloggers and PR companies are on Social Media creating a Buzz about products that have just come out so get in contact with some who you think have a decent following and engagement and create a buzz around your content, share any reviews and videos that they do on social media as this is good feedback for your brand and company and also gets your business out there.

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